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Does any know when the draw for 2015 is released. Really wanting to see the boys play next year in Australia and wanting to make arrangements asap. Also when do we release our 2015 pre season game program??? Are we taking a game to Dunedin or what.
I read somewhere that it had been delayed again... Likely to be December sometime. Heard that James Packer was causing issues wanting all the Souths Games only on channel 9...
Last year's was originally supposed to be out in the last few days of November - ended up being the first week of December. I'd expect similar this year.

But you can pen in "Warriors v Storm AAMI Stadium Saturday 25 April 2015" as that's become a tradition.

I hope we get the Rabbitohs and/or the Bulldogs twice. If we get the Rabbitohs only once it'll be Away so therefore in Perth, is my fearless prediction.

I'm fully expecting Rabbitohs v Roosters Rd 1, Roosters v Rabbitohs Rd 26...

If the Warriors get the Eels Rd 1 again I'll spew.


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But you can pen in "Warriors v Storm AAMI Stadium Saturday 25 April 2015" as that's become a tradition.
Hopefully not. Warriors are pushing hard for that game. Surprise surprise they even have a special jersey lined up for it:eek:. Two games they are pushing for is the ANZAC game and a Round 2 Broncos game for our 20th Anniversary. Not sure how thats gonna work with the stupid Eagles concert?

Not sure when the draw will be released but as mrblonde mrblonde pointed out it was meant to be late November but they delayed after stuffing up the draw. Was then released on the 3rd December but only the first half of the season had the date and time finalised. The rest of the draw was confirmed on the 4th July.

Pretty sure I read somewhere that the NRL we're working to release the date and time of every game for this season? Wouldnt be surprised if we only see half of it again. Broadcasters want the best teams playing primetime and we wont know who they are until the season gets underway...
Pretty sure the standard set out when they started announcing the season was for the final 6 weeks to not get announced until closer to the time. It allowed broadcasters to pick which games they wanted when. So, the first 20 rounds will be announced with date and time, while the last 6 weeks will get a Friday 7pm timeslot on the NRL website until about round 16 when the rest of the season is decided.
I don't mind the Sunday afternoon games but it would be great to mix it up across the NRL to make it fair.

Suncorp Fridays are definitely an advantage as it gives them an extra day or two to prep for away matches.

And a total disadvantage when we have to play Sunday at home and have to schlep it across to Sydney for a Saturday match
Hopefully not.
Bugger off mate, best game of the year for us Melbourne chumps!
I think it is unacceptable for them to have as many as they do. It gives them a leg up on every team. It would be so much easier to play the same timeslot almost every week.
Of course its an unfair advantage, if you get 30,000 members and 40,000 people to your home games you can pretty much write your own draw.


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Bugger off mate, best game of the year for us Melbourne chumps!

Of course its an unfair advantage, if you get 30,000 members and 40,000 people to your home games you can pretty much write your own draw.
As long as the Warriors play the Storm at Melbourne at some stage of the year then you'll get to go watch a great game and the Storm will get the gate takings from their most popular fixture. The Warriors own Melbourne. There was never a better example then when the 4 Nations Kagaroo's vs England game drew less fans then the Storm vs Warriors ANZAC game (20,585 vs 28,716). Even the Warriors chants far outvoiced those of the Storm fans.

Anyway, Im not bothered either way. The Melbourne ANZAC game is traditional so Im happy for it to remain that way. Was just stating the clubs hopeful position on the issue...


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Channel Nine and NRL close to locking in live Sunday afternoon football
Date November 10, 2014 - 11:45PM


Viewers' frustrations could soon be over, with live Sunday games edging closer to reality. Photo: Getty Images

Channel Nine have confirmed that live Sunday afternoon games are set to be a feature of the NRL schedule next season.

Television broadcasters Nine and Fox Sports are in the final stages of talks with League Central about next year's draw and an announcement is tipped within the next week.

A long-time bugbear of many viewers, the delayed Sunday afternoon match on free-to-air television will almost certainly be no more with a later kick-off running live into Nine's 6pm news bulletin.

"I think that the Sunday free-to-air rugby league game will be 4pm live but a lot of people are going to have to work together on it," Nine's director of sport, Steve Crawley, said on Monday.

"I'm not counting the dollars and everything else, that's up for smarter brains than me. But we want everything live and I think we're a real good chance of getting Sunday afternoon matches live at 4pm."

The final call on scheduling will ultimately be made by NRL chief executive Dave Smith and Nine counterpart David Gyngell, but executives at league's long-time primary broadcaster believe it's behind the times for all their games not to be shown live.

The issue is to make the later kick-off commercially viable.

"We're going to have to work out how we get the money to pay for the rights that we have," Crawley said.

"We'll have to work out ways of getting more ads ... instead of having a slab of three-minute ads, we're going to have to work out how to put a minute ad in more often.

"We're going to have to be smart in the way that we do it and we'll have to work with the league and the clubs and the coaches on all of that.

"The nature of the beast is when we have two Friday night games they go into different markets, so two are live but we've now got three games and only one is live really in the Sydney market. That doesn't sound like 2014 to me ... 2014 to me is live rugby league on free-to-air television."

The Sunday afternoon game is an important device for Nine in steering viewers towards their news bulletin and with the delayed coverage from a 3pm kick-off there has been no issue with packaging the matches together so they wind up right on time.

The live 4pm game does not provide the same certainty, with the chance of golden-point extra-time each week and other possible delays, but Nine says that should not be seen as a problem.

"The news ... people used to think it's got to come on right at 6pm," Crawley said. "But if we run into extra-time or we're three minutes late, it's going to be a better result."

Having returned to showing all its games live, the next step for the free-to-air broadcaster will be to have them shown on high-definition television.

"I was watching [NFL] Monday night football on ESPN the other week ... I think it was the Cowboys and the Redskins. I wish we were in HD," Crawley said. "I know that David Gyngell is having a look at it; he's aware of it. There will be a day, and I hope it's not that far away, that our rugby league is in HD."


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have the warriors preseason games and venues been announced yet ?
As tajhay tajhay stated theres one against the Titans. More details on the Trial thread...

NRL burnout: Cameron Smith calls for summit on schedule pushing elite players to breaking point
NOVEMBER 10, 2014 11:00PM

CAMERON Smith has called for an urgent NRL summit to address a punishing schedule that is pushing the Morons captain and the code's elite stars to breaking point.

Data obtained by The Courier-Mail shows Smith is the most overworked player in the NRL, with the Australia skipper having tallied 126 games since the start of 2011.

Smith arrived in New Zealand on Monday to prepare for his 31st and final game of the 2014 season in Saturday's Four Nations final against the Kiwis at Wellington's Westpac Stadium.

But with two of the game's top-five most prolific players, Johnathan Thurston and Billy Slater, already sidelined by injury, Smith warned the NRL's jam-packed calendar can't continue.

While he accepts key stakeholders want bang for their buck after the NRL trumpeted its $1 billion TV rights deal, Smith believes a forum is needed to protect stars from a gruelling 10-month season.

The Kangaroos have been decimated heading into the Four Nations decider, with 15 top-liners, including Thurston, Slater, Matt Scott and James Tamou, cut down by injury.

“It's something we need to sit down and talk about," said Smith in an interview with Channel Nine before Sunday's 44-18 defeat of Samoa, which kept Australia's title defence alive.

“It's healthy to talk about how we can all make this game better.

“I am feeling not too bad, but everyone is a little weary from a long season given that most guys in this (Australian) team also played in State of Origin.

“There are a few of us that played the (mid-season) Test earlier in the year and were in the World Cup last year as well.

“It's hard ... I understand we have a good deal with the broadcasters and fans want to see a lot of football, but I just don't think we can compromise the health of our elite players.

“You want to see Johnathan Thurston and Matt Scott in these events.

“It's really hard when you are asking guys to play in pre-season tournaments, then play a whole NRL season of 24 matches, three Origin matches, a mid-year Test and a tournament at the end of the year.”

The Test hooker is qualified to comment. In the past four years, Smith has chalked up 95 NRL games, 12 Origin matches and 19 Tests, averaging almost 32 games per season.

Kangaroos teammates Cooper Cronk (120), Daly Cherry-Evans (119), Thurston (116) and Slater (114) round out the NRL's five most heavily-used players.

Broncos and England international Jack Reed, who missed the Four Nations due to shoulder surgery, echoed Smith's sentiments but admits there is no easy solution.

“It is a long year, especially when you factor in the Origin campaign for the NSW and Queensland guys,” Reed said.

“It's a 30-plus game season and the way the game is these days it's so physical and it does drain you.

“When it comes to rep football, as much as you want to freshen up, everyone will throw their hand up because playing for your country is so prestigious.”
Sounds like Cameron's getting his excuse in early for when we beat the Kangaroo's on saturday, , 3 origin games don't count because they sit out the previous week , the 3 origin games don't count because they sit out the weekend before each one......................How many speedboats you got Cameron!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Opening game is a Thursday night game Rabbitohs taking on Broncos at Suncorp, followed by Eels taking on Sea Eagles on Friday. I'm also hearing Storm will play Titans in their opening round with Bulldogs to take on Panthers, Dragons to take on Tigers, Raiders to take on Sharks, Roosters to take on Knights. I'm also hearing our first game of season will be a Monday Night clash up against Cowboys in Townsville. Again this is all speculation as none of this has been confirmed as yet. I'm only posting what mate on phone out in Australia who says he supposedly knows somebody close to the action has told him. Yeah ... We'll just wait and see if his mate is correct ... ;)
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