Game Information


Sunshine Coast Stadium
12 Mar 2022 07:30PM

# Player Player #
1 C.Harris-Tavita T.Sloan 1
2 D.Watene-Zelezniak C.Ramsey 2
3 V.Vailea M.Suli 3
4 R.Berry Z.Lomax 4
5 M.Montoya M.Ravalawa 5
6 K.Nikorima T.Amone 6
7 S.Johnson B.Hunt 7
8 A.Fonua-Blake A.Woods 8
9 W.Egan A.McCullough 9
10 B.Afoa B.Lawrie 10
11 E.Aitken J.Bird 11
12 E.Katoa J.Su'A 12
13 J.Curran Belin 13
14 J.Tevaga M.Mbye 14
15 B.Murdoch-Masila F.Molo 15
16 A.Pene J.Kerr 16
17 B.Sironen J.Gosiewski 17
18 J.Murchie J.Ford 18

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Everyone is worried about our centre pairing, but no one mentions our halves defence in Kodi and Shaun Johnson??????

Shaun Johnson has improved in his defence, but he’s still vulnerable and will be a target to run at. Sharkies used to post him out towards the wing in defence.

Kodi was a speed bump and a shirt grabber in just about every game. So many missed tackles.

Now we have Kodi, Shaun Johnson and two rookie centres holding the line?

Chanel Harris-Tavita can tackle in close spaces with his shoulder charges. How good is he at defending open space ?

Its a worry.
The only query with SJs defence is his general health and fitness.

He was the best Defensive Warriors back of a generation when he left.

Shaun Johnson is an awesome tackler.
Who is marking suli? Please let it be Rocco

From memory I think Suli and Lomax are both right centres? Not sure who will be swapping to the left, I assume Lomax will stay on the right? For us, Shaun Johnson mentioned in a podcast that he is pairing with Vailea, which I assume will be on the right hand side. If the above is correct it'll be Berry/Lomax and Vailea/Suli.
I have never seen Johnson as an awesome tackler. Thought tackling has always been the weakness in his game. Am a little worried if Johnson and Katoa are defending on the right edge together with Vailea.
He’s not the speed bump that Kodi is. If someone is running straight at him, he’ll make the tackle more often than not.

His decision making in space is still a weakness. He’s not a liability on that end though as far as halves go. As long as they keep a compact D line and he doesn’t get stranded, he’ll go well.
Im concerned that the 2nd best fullback we have at the club is Chanel Harris-Tavita????
Dont think thats the case. I feel like were taking a different approach this year. Creating consistency.

They have a set game plan and play style they want to play this year. I bet a lot of it surrounds Walsh. So to fill the void without disruption to the team, Chanel Harris-Tavita has to be the obvious choice with his playmaking ability above the other options
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