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Fozz -
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Tigers have got no idea. They haven't been in this position for ages.

Eels should kick it with this field position

LittleDavey -
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I thought Tigers deserved two penalties on that last set, Hastings shat the bed still though.

And now Moses. Geez...nothing left in the tank is there. Why don't we get to play these Eels?!?!

Sproj -
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Justice for the pre-ball tackle. And...the wooden spoon has a three way tussle again!

Super Freak -
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Holy shit.

Hastings makes up for his fuck up earlier.

I bleed Moron -
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Daaaaamn. What a game.

Madge is safe for most of the season now. As for Parra well, that is humiliating.

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