Post Match NRL 2022 - Round 3 - Tigers vs Warriors Post Match [Round 3, 2022]

Game Information

Wests Tigers
12 Campbelltown Stadium
25 Mar 2022 20:00
80th minute

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As it turns out was the right call whoever made it. We would have been one wrong move, a dropped ball, away from stuffing up a go at a try so take the sure points perhaps and get the ball back off the kick-off.
The kick put it on the Tigers to have to score a try & they were playing shite too, so a bit of a psychological barrier for them to overcome, and one for the Warriors to be a try ahead in points and back their defence because their attack sure as hell wasn't working out that good. Was it a conscious decision to back their attack or kick and leave it in the hands of the gods? Then defend like hell for the rest of the game.
Maybe it was a tired Addin Fonua-Blake, maybe it came from the coach - saw a shot of him at the time & the commentators mentioned he looked like he was wondering what the hell was going on. Somebody said Walsh but who knows?
Interesting question though.
In that situation they take the two.
Every time, that will be the best way to give themselves a chance of winning.


Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
Yeah, and they really didn't look like they were on the same page, any of them. Be interesting to know who made it 🤔
i looked at them and thought it was so farcical that they must have been playing for time. Checked the clock and it was still counting down, so maybe?


Just another day in paradise
Yes to the above should have added that point.
SK and Brown and other dudes could manage the storm to top 4 this year on Bellamy's hard work and then results would dry up eventually
My major point is explained by saying the Bulls three repeat dynasty was based on Jordan and not Phil Jackson.

BasketBall is a 5 player sport in a small confined space..

The value of each player is X2 with 13 players on the field and more open space to work with. More team structure and coordination is required.
I just recorded a pod with the guys from This Warriors Life reviewing this game - couldn’t bring myself to cross post it on my platform, but it’s on theirs if anyone wants a listen.
Good pod fonz. I'm convinced that Nathan Brown is not the head coach here. I agree I don't want to see him sacked and us having Stacy take over but rather the club sit down and make a plan to go after Cameron Ciraldo the Panthers "defense coach".

Offer Brown the football GM role, I'm sure he would thrive in a footballing department role. And if we get Ciraldo he must be able to hire whoever he sees fit as his assistant coaches.

Then get back to being a 100% bona-fide development club and look at the big picture, which Cameron should be used to at the Panthers.

The warriors must sell to Cameron that the development of a junior path is the way forward.

I am totally sold to that idea, but I know the warriors are to fucken stupid to pull this off because Cameron George is running the place like Death Row Records.

I would almost try and sell the idea to Ivan Cleary as well! Hopefully showing Cleary what the warriors will have in place for Cameron. As a way to say we fucked up but can turn this around again and we need your right hand man.
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