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A thread for all 2022 Round 24 team lists, discussions, news and views. Serves as a team list thread and game day discussion for all games through the week (all games besides the Warriors one of course :) )...
I wonder how many times Broncos fans are serenaded at games by opposition fans with "The Broncos can't play! The Broncos can't play!" ala Alan Langer's smash hit from 1992-3?
Real battle for that 6th, 7th and 8th spot. 3 teams on 28 and one in 26 and any 3 of these 4 could make it with 30 points probably needed for finals footy:

- The Roosters (28 points) could potentially lose both (Storm and South’s) and miss out
- The Rabbits (28 points) could lose both (cowboys and Roosters) and miss out
- Broncos (28 points but played this weekend) have their destiny in their own hands against the Dragons in must win
- Raiders (26 points) could win both (Manly and Tigers)

Whoever wins the final round clash Roosters/ Rabbits should be in and the other team potentially out of finals. There are so many ways the last spot could go!
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I mentioned in our post game last week how Murchie got a tackle where he man handled the ball carrier but the guy got in a position to play the ball and Murchie was standing to the side. The ref made sure to call him out of the play as he was off side and marker.

Harry Grant stands in the same place in this game and the ref's all nothing to see here.
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