General NRL 2022 Round 11 - General Discussion

Fozz -
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Who knew Fogarty was part Vulcan?

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Good, keeps the Roosters on the same competition points.

GKDonkey -
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Raiders aren't going to be easy next week.

Honestly it's such an injustice that Manu isn't a permanent fullback

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We need to put a cricket score on the Raiders next week as the Eels have the softest draw and should easily get 30+ on the Dogs.

Dan -
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Not yet, tajhay is busy and they are hurting over there so probably no need to add any more animosity to it

Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.
Good bunch of fellas these Manly fans being respectful to our pain in our dark pit of despair. Proud to be a Silvertail this week, could be Stockholm syndrome but I couldn't ask to be humiliated twice a year by a better bunch of blokes. I'm coming around to adopting them as my backup team, wish we had DCE and current Foz.