General NRL 2022 Round 10 - MAGIC ROUND

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The media are talking up Freddy Fittler as a possibility to coach the Bulldogs
Oh man, please be true. I want barefoot training to be the next trend.

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I would love to see Gus become a coach again but there is probably some rule against him coaching and commentating.

Previously Tom
Well, there's no rule against being a player agent and being a media figure (Mr B Anasta), so, maybe he could.

But, yeah, I would not be putting my hand up to coach anywhere Gus is.

NRL Power Rankings: Round 11, 2022​


NRL Power Rankings
Panthers regain their top spot after a very temporary slip.
Manly, Cronulla and St George take big tumbles.
Trent Barrett's job looks like it's on the line purely based on PR - that's how decisions are made, right?
RankTeamRecordPRPR ∆Rank ∆ProjectionFinalsPremsSean O'Sullivan Rk
3South Sydney5-561.240.61015-993.0%2.6%15
6North Queensland7-355.182.31+215-990.8%0.5%14
12Gold Coast3-738.022.74+17-175.6%0%10
13St George Illawarra4-637.61-2.74-39-1511.1%0%4
15Wests Tigers2-831.70-2.3105-190.7%0%7
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Are we sure about that? The recruitment of Dufty, TPJ and Vaughan really screams of more of the same from the last decade from the Dogs. I just get the feeling that Barrett was either told after the fact or didn't know how much of an overpay they were going to end up with. And that overpay results in him being told "Put them in the team, we're not having x $million playing in NSWRL".

Next year with Mahoney, they are looking much better especially if they stick with Flanagan. That way they have a settled 6,7 and 9. They still need to bin Dufty but at least having 3/4 of your spine locked in would help them be more consistent.
I'd imagine there's some truth to it, albeit I doubt Baz's hands were tied. Usually when a coach comes into a new system and struggles he'll sell management on the idea that there's still a lot of deadwood and they have to be moved on to be successful.

However since there's pressure from management to sell memberships the coach is under pressure to sign whatever free agents become available. So Trent may have compromised his vision to squeeze a Pangai Jr into the team.

With that said I doubt Dufty would have been on the radar had Allan been a success in '21. Also if his selections are anything to go by, Barrett is a very impulsive coach which would lead me to think he signed a few of these players out of desperation.

Flanagan needs to take a page out of Hastings' playbook and go to the UK for awhile. He looks like he's playing in a straightjacket.

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Rewatching the Cowboys game and they got gifted two tries of flagrant forward passes. Pass in both cases was passed on a line, then caught well in front of the 10m or 20m line.

Tigers could have had them, but some dodgy calls killed their mentality and they collapsed. Reminded me of Broncos. Lots of effort for it all to be taken off them.

Feldt falls into a great covering tackle - penalty for a high tackle. Switch play, forward pass, try.

Just sucks watching this game not being fully about the players. Touchies really need to step up and take some responsibility in their jobs.

Positive was seeing Cotter playing very well.

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Too bad Bulldogs don't play Storm again this season.

Bellamy has a terrible record against interim coaches, and he's been beaten by some pretty awful sides.

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Also, this coming just after the ANZAC day brawl is exactly why you should not applaud punching someone for whatever reason. Another problem "solved" with a fist to the face, but this time more people involved because they think they are "right" or "heroes" or whatever. This time there is no excuse about disrespecting the ANZACs. Now people are cheering that police finally arrive to shut this shit down. Well guess what ... you're just asking for a day at the footy to be an authoritarian, over-controlled and boring event because no one will be allowed to say anything for fear of inciting either violence or police ejection.

Good work.

Fighting, especially with fists solves absolutely nothing and basically only helps some plastic surgeon or orthodontist get rich.

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I think Flanno would be a great coach for the dogs. His style at the Sharks and the types of players he has experience working with would translate really well to this dogs squad I reckon. Seems like a hard enough bloke to stand his ground against the Dogs office.

I wonder if they could sign someone like Moylon to play 6 and transition Burton to fullback.

Ciraldo would be crazy to take it though. Terrible first gig. He can basically walk into any vacant NRL gig when he’s ready. Ge should hold out for sonewgere the dragons or Melbourne.

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Well last week didn’t work out, but we’ll see if it works out this week.