1st Grade Fringe
May 10, 2012
Odds on giraffe neck putting another early kick in behind Ken for Saab to leave him for dead?.......surely not again

I have cold sweats already.

The kicking game by Manly last game is all that kept them in the game (outside our terrible attack which has improved).

I'd almost be tempted to defend Walsh on the wing - gets him out of the middle and removes that weakness exploited last game

Mr Dragon

1st Grade Fringe
Jul 25, 2015
Sad to see big Ben out my favourite ball runner at the moment. RTS is racking up some phenomenal numbers again but this time also converting into points by having some players with pace around him. His star power will be sorely missed.
I was begging last year for some pace in the team and got Turner for one game 🤣 That's all changed with Walsh and the best is still to come with experience.


U20's Player
Apr 17, 2021
No one is falling for that line up Brown. Aitken will come into centre - Berry/Pompey shift to the wing instead of Kosi. Having Jazz and Sironen on the bench is overkill I think Murchie will come into the 17.
Isn’t it great to have depth and competition for places?! I agree with your suggested changes.

I suspect when CHT is fit, KN will be used as a 14 - coming on at 7 and rotating with CHT at dummy half. Looks like POS is looking for speed in these areas.

cant wait for Addin Fonua-Blake to come back in to the side, and of course, don’t forget Peta Hiku…

I think we beat Manly this time out - they are vulnerable in the forwards this week. I’m expecting a 6-8 point win.


1st Grade Fringe
May 8, 2012
North Shore
Gotta laugh at everyone saying CHT has to be in the team.

Why? can you please tell me what he brings and give examples, because I have seen him do absolutely nothing this year.
Here's his last healthy game. 4 try assist and 3 hockey assists Vs Manly last year.


1st Grade Fringe
Jul 1, 2020
A lot gets said about Nikorima and if you boil it down the crime is he can’t swing momentum back when the opposition are controlling the game. With a diminutive stature he relies on space to work in, he’s clearly not a Jack Wighton type with a big left foot step and fend to break a game open and the top sides are effective in shutting him down by shutting down our middles, lying all over the play the ball and killing his time and space.

In saying that attack wise he’s still ranked highly amongst the top five-eights in the comp, even leading in some of the more important metrics like linebreaks. Overall he sits comfortably inside a group that includes Munster, Luai, and Cody Walker.

Point is when our middles are rolling Kodi obviously becomes incredibly dangerous so why look to throw CHT in at dummy half? he’s doesn’t look to be a natural there imo and lacks the threat that Nikorima would provide on the back of good go forward.

Would Solve a few issues for us also, we probably don’t need to recruit a back up Hooker (is this why we’ve held off so long) Walsh gets valuable game time, CHT has the opportunity to do nothing else but prove himself as our long term halfback and Egan becomes more effective for us because he’s not topping the tackle count every week.


Warriors 1st Grader
May 7, 2012
No one is falling for that line up Brown. Aitken will come into centre - Berry/Pompey shift to the wing instead of Kosi. Having Jazz and Sironen on the bench is overkill I think Murchie will come into the 17.
I honestly think none of us can predict what Brown is up to there, although your common sense logic is what would ordinarily happen at the Warriors.

What I am getting at is Brown knows this team needs a rebuild year, he tried the settled approach for the first six games and he lost a lot through injury, then from that experience he went into rebuild mode.

If Brown was still of a ordinary conservative mindset, we would have been seeing Murchie and or Sirronen playing in the centres to avoid using players like Berry and Kosi who both had horrible trial games and nothing since then to recommend them.

The Minute Brown put RTS on the wing to tinker with Walsh against the Storm and threw in those young blokes we were in full rebuild mode, and it continued last week, ergo I have no idea where he is going with picks any more because nothing is certain and all in all I am thrilled about that.

We must know, this is the year to 'lose a comp' the year where you are extremely unlikely to win one if it means building your options for an epic follow on season.

I agree one hundred percent Aitken is picked to come in, but I suspect all these guys like him and CHT are being given a lite week to sort out those niggles and the Noobs are being prepared to play in earnest because they are probably at 50/50 to play.

Exciting times.
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