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Not sure if this is the right place to post this but Henry Perenara is having to retire due to an abnormally fast heart beat. As much grief as we give him, no one wants to see this. Six kids as well.
Terrible news, kia kaha Henry and fam, if there was any justice in the world we'd retire a jersey as a mark of our gratitude for your service.
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Ever Hopeful

It has been a bit of a struggle for the Raiders this year. They looked a million dollars in the first half against us, but things aren't quite clicking from week to week.

There is probably only 5 teams that seem top 8 certainties, and the door is open for the other spots. It'll probably come down to injuries. I still think the Raiders will finish 6th though.
Mean time the fans from Penrose think the Warriors should have beaten the Knights, Manly, and they should beat the Cows and Dogs....

The NRL rolls on with non stop upsets despite them......It is the NRL....where have all the flowers. gone...long time passing...when will they ever learn.....oh and the Tits are shit too....and the Raiders would have thrashed a bottom side with a full squad.....ho hum the beat goes on....
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