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Aug 18, 2013
We can’t keep everyone and players like CNK and Papalii have their potential unlocked in different systems. Would you have rather we kept Papa but not signed Addin Fonua-Blake? No.. didn’t think so. Glad they are playing well - but we move on.

Reece Walsh will add something when he comes into the side - i reckon in 2 weeks against manly is when he will debut. I bet on the wing to start...We need to inject some pace!

Can’t wait to see who we sign for 2022...
Shame that Addin Fonua-Blake was already damaged goods when we signed him - he had problems with his leg last year.


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Apr 18, 2012
Yeah I don't understand how good Papalii is going right now. He's just bumping dudes off for fun! He never showed anything like that for us. That's not coaching or team structures, that's just shear will and strength. Good on him, he's going great guns.

I wasn't losing sleep when he didn't re sign, playing for us he was just another undersized middle. He had soooo many chances to perform for us, but didn't.

Mr Frank White

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May 19, 2012
Lol if you can't understand why Papa is thriving at the Eels with their up tempo play, and surrounded by players like Gutho, Fergie and Moses; perhaps tennis is a better sport to follow
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wizards rage

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Apr 18, 2016
Think at the time both Katoa and Murchie we're considered to have bigger ceilings.....and tbh based on form last year it was probably the right call.

Papali'i was such a plodder last year, seriously looked like he was wearing concrete boots at times, he was much more bulky tho......a victim i think cause we werent a huge pack of a philosophy of turning our oompa's into short squat tanks, which imo messed with his speed, mobility and explosiveness (remember because of his power lifting he already had these attributes)

Too me he looks a different body shape this year....a lot leaner, and looks to have regained that explosiveness - 23 tackle breaks in 6 games already more than his entire last season a testament to this.

Would he be displaying the same sort of form for us if hed stayed.....under a Kearney way. Would the current coaching staff had the nous to change his conditioning....will never know.

Glad for him tho, has always seemed to have a good head on young shoulders.....good for the Kiwi's too.
Great post. But as much as the coach, I think we have had a long term issue with conditioning. Is it the coach or trainers that make these calls? Are we filling gaps because we can’t get the players we need?

So many players body shape have been changed that doesn’t suit their frame. By product is so many injuries.

Ironically Katoa and Murchie are out today 😣

wizards rage

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Apr 18, 2016
Go cows! Got them in the knockout tipping competition. Would be a huge play to get a win out of them for later in the competition when we’re forced to pick the lower teams!
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Aug 13, 2016
So do the drums start banging for Des now. That was the battle of the cellar dwellers...
Or did Mad Jacks red card actually save him from that being called an even contest

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