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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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1st Grade Fringe
Mar 3, 2014
Pompey looks skinny and doesn't really break out of second gear but is our best tackle buster - how does this work?

Is Turner capable of playing fullback? Reece Walsh into the halves next year? Kodi to solve our hooking ranks - wasn't he a beast in that position coming of the bench for the broncos?
I wasn't a Pompey fan, but man he is coming on well. I also didn't think much of Curran, but his agility, fitness and pace really helps our defence against the faster teams. We need that to balance our monster second rowers (Katoa, Ben Murdoch-Masila, Murchies) who are not as agile and fast. Great call by Brownie. I think they have really thought through a game plan after the Roosters game, I loved the early ball to Ben Murdoch-Masila and Pompey to combat that rushing defence also.

I was thinking that about Turner going to the back, the only problem is he doesn't look like an endurance athlete from what I have seen, more of an explosive type. If Turner is at 6 in the line dishing to Reece coming into the line from the back I think Turner does well and engages the line. He will capture the defences attention a lot more than Sean O'Sullivan. All theory as we still got Rocket Rog. Ateast we can see some progress from the team and have some interesting future options.

Mr Frank White

Warriors 1st Grader
May 19, 2012
On the rewatch; KN had a much better game this week. It was his kick that set up Turner, and some great line breaks and chose to run it on the last more.

Despite some of the hate Sean O'Sullivan showed some signs. On Duftys try, he was the first to recognise and the first to turn and chase. He was burned by Duftys speed (as lots do) but he was very close to stopping that try.
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1st Grade Fringe
Jul 19, 2020
Yep black or white views on things that are invariably grey can be annoying, but as long as people are supporting their argument without throwing stones at others then it is just discourse that adds life to the forum.

I haven't heard any Roger Tuivasa-Sheck slander?

Jazz hasn't had much heat this year as he has played great football. He and the coaching staff can take credit for that. He is playing 50 mins, and not making silly errors under fatigue. He has heaps of energy, good footwork, great defence, a good offload and is not giving away stupid penalties. The last few games are a small sample size, but his game seems to be progressing like we hope to see from all of our players. This doesn't mean that some of the comments about his negatives last year didn't warrant discussion, and won't warrant discussion if they start creeping back. However, I think we can see the excellent role he can provide. To be fair most of us were already pointing out that he was a player that needed a forward platform and he has that this year. Getting shafted up front and having him on a midget bench only highlighted our issues. That is the grey - situation, game plan, player, team strengths and weaknesses, opposition etc.

I don't feel the need to hate on you as you have suggested, I'd just rather discuss the grey, rather than reacting to our differences.
You didnt hear the Roger Tuivasa-Sheck slander? Must not have frequented the forum after the Knights and Roosters games. Legit had people saying they wish he would go to rugby now and how he isnt even top 10 amoung nrl fbs, amoung other things.

With the Jazz situation last year, thats exactly what i mean with the variables, he was playing too many minutes and with a very young pack who had loan players starting none the less, his role within the team was much different to what it is now. Now he is playing a perfect role for his skill set and it is showing in results. Even though, in my mind he was almost always our best foward last season regardless of role.
As you said though, he has taken his game to another level and gotten rid of alot of the negatives like his penalties.

Dunedin warrior

1st Grade Fringe
Nov 10, 2014
On the rewatch; KN had a much better game this week. It was his kick that set up Turner, and some great like breaks and chose to run it on the last more.

Despite some of the hate Sean O'Sullivan showed some signs. On Duftys try, he was the first to recognise and the first to turn and chase. He was burnes by Duftys speed (as lots do) but he was very close to stopping that try.

I think Sean O'Sullivan, has been going pretty well, nothing exceptional but he’s got good organizational skills, isn’t afraid to take the ball to the line and his kicking game is pretty good.

Limited by his lack of speed but at 22 he’s got time to improve in other areas.


1st Grade Fringe
Sep 1, 2015
Great win yesterday! The lads went from one of the worst Warriors performances in years to one of the better ones. Impressive work from the coaching team to turn the attitude around so dramatically in just a week. Here are a few of my takeouts:

* When Kodi has some space and has the gumption to run it, the team is sooo much more threatening with the ball.
* Jazz is a legend. The guy tackles everything that moves, then drags players twice his size on his back as he slowly rumbles with the ball downfield. Why is the club dragging its feet to re-sign him?
* Sean O'Sullivan is just what the club needs ... for now anyway. He's the only back with any brains and he's a competitive SOB. He's the first to congratulate when a try is scored and the first to scold when someone f's up. He was also the quickest to ask the sideline if they should take the 2 late in the game to push the lead out to 6 when most other Warrior's players would've impulsively taken a quick tap.
* The Warriors' passing is dreadful! They pass like a Winfield Cup reserve grade side from 1986: loopy, laboured, almost always behind the player. The contrast with our passing and that of the Panthers/Roosters/Storm is stark.
* It's awesome to be able to listen to a Warrior's press conference again - win or lose - and not cringe and/or reach for the remote.


1st Grade Fringe
Apr 19, 2018
The problem with Jazz has always been his inability to go a game without a critical stupid penalty or offload.

He's started to clean that part of his game up this year which is why he's not copping it as much.

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck has always been asked to do too much with too little around him when he isn't the type of fullback whose game is well rounded enough to do it.

Looking forward to a different style of FB next year - not necessarily a better FB, just hopefully a better fit.

john nick

1st Grade Fringe
Mar 28, 2020

Sorry JN, been away. Back now and just watched the game. Will deal with your favourite threads later.

Great result and some standout performances principally Curran, Pompey and Tohu Harris.

Whole side reeked attitude and took out an unbeaten side with good form. Backs looked less clunky this week and had some shape. Still work to do but the coach seems onto it. Enjoyed his presser with the discussion around the young players.

Also thought Turner did the right thing with his kick through the line on tackle 2. The move was on and if he hadn't been taken out, would have scored. Can't fault him for playing heads up.
Cheers Rick. Please spare us until at least Wednesday. ;)
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Rick O'Shay

Warriors 1st Grader
May 1, 2013
New Plymouth

Was only joking


1st Grade Fringe
Apr 19, 2018
Egan did put on Tohu Harris's try. Took a few metres and put him onto the ball at the line.

The most important part of that was him dummying to the other side first. Was a nice play, but overall his play doesn't really hold up the markers much.

He'll do things like that every now and again, but not enough for defences to be all that concerned about him.
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1st Grade Fringe
Sep 12, 2017
On the rewatch; KN had a much better game this week. It was his kick that set up Turner, and some great line breaks and chose to run it on the last more.

Despite some of the hate Sean O'Sullivan showed some signs. On Duftys try, he was the first to recognise and the first to turn and chase. He was burned by Duftys speed (as lots do) but he was very close to stopping that try.

Kodi had one of his best games for sure. Sean O'Sullivan was a little disappointing though. He has played better than that. His kicking game and decision-making were poor. Hopefully he can improve on that.
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Warriors 1st Grader
Apr 13, 2012
Tonbridge, Kent, UK
What a game I've seen in a while.

Some observations:

Curran - looks better that he's stopped eating all the pies, Prob. my MOM
Tohu Harris - He's just fantastic
Pompey - Really good game, nice to see a centre playing as a centre.
Egan - Don't like him but he played well today by not overplaying his hand and cut out those stupid no look passes
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck - Nice to see not being used as a battering ram
Kodi - Better running lines this week.

glad we got the two points, different kettle of fish this week...


1st Grade Fringe
Apr 10, 2016
All good points. Exept your last comment. Insulting players that are not even playing is shit. Yeah Fusituas form is not to our liking. But to call him a pussy and carry on dragging the man further is fucked up. We got your point the first time.
Would you bring Fusitua back into the team next week, and if so why?


1st Grade Fringe
Apr 10, 2016
We are well in the hunt. Don’t underestimate the value in a longer turnaround - we looked tired against Manly - having a 8 day break helped us this week.

Our defence, especially scrambling defence was good. Happy with the commitment. Losing Hiku early wasn’t ideal but we dealt with that well. Kodi played well - he seems to be playing the 7 role and taking the lead with Sean O'Sullivan playing 6... felt the referee gave the Dragons more latitude with slowing the play the ball down and a slightly skinnier 10m...especially in our 30m zone. crowd had a big part to play in that (was the most vocal and probably feral crowd I’ve seen in ages - how good?!)...

we made a lot meters post contact which was great to see. Real team effort and we dealt well with adversity. That’s culture.

more and more, I’m thinking Nathan Brown is the right head coach for our group. Just listening to him, he’s smart and I think his style resonates with our team. Loved the fact he thought we were too conservative - that speaks to confidence. But he’s building belief step by step.

great to be 3 and 3 - and good scalps claimed too. Our wins are not over mug teams.

the storm will be a real test of character - this game either goes two ways. They blow us off the park like last year and it is a hiding.... or we win a close one as they drop a level. I’m picking this will be a lot closer this week. The difference? Belief.

I think we won yesterday on determination and belief. And I think that is the single biggest improvement I’ve seen week to week...
Or we lose a close game with paps scoring the winner.

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