Post Match NRL 2021 - Round 4 - Roosters vs Warriors Post Match Discussion


1st Grade Fringe
Dec 4, 2018
I didn’t think that was too bad a performance, felt like we were a little bit rusty with ball in hand near their line but there’s room for improvement. If we click I’d say top 8 is well within reach
Most of the first half was excellent. We ‘almost’ looked like we belonged there until Addin Fonua-Blake went off and we lost the ascendancy.

I’d hate to think that if he’s not playing we fall into mediocrity territory rather instantly, but the red flags looked ominous.

We actually do enough in every game to give ourselves a winning chance, with enough possession etc in the red zone, but cannot convert those opportunities unless somebody’s energetic enough to crash over the line through fresh legs?

The good teams don’t need much to work with. ie the Morris bros need sweet FA to turn any opportunity into points. That’s the frustrating thing about this team. We haven’t looked threatening since 2018.

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