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NRL 2021 Round 3 - General Discussion

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A thread for all 2021 Round 3 team lists, discussions, news and views. Serves as a team list thread and game day discussion for all games through the week (besides the Warriors one of course :) ).

Feel free to add team lists as they become available people. Thank you...
Just thinking about that 1:1 steal that lead up to the try by the Hectic 🧀 and also thinking about the Matty John’s / James Graham interview and they spoke about the selfless moment you dive on the loose ball and put your head where someone might be about to swing the boot.
Both the 1:1 steal and the loose ball dive are classic “Effort Plays” aren’t they?
In that moment you’ve got to be fizzing with competitive intent.
More “Effort Plays” from the Warriors this year then thanks Nathan.
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Again really inconsistent application of the 6 again call in this game. Sort of feels like there’s one of those “origin rules” calls from the refs where they don’t use it in the first 10 minutes and they don’t use it when it could overly influence the game.
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Penrith deserved winners of this game - two losses in a row for Melbourne - but jeez Melbourne are low on on talent in key areas at the moment but they never stop playing like their life depends on it. They’re all ticker. Shows you how good a coach Belly ache is. I don’t think it will matter in the context of a season but the whole sending it up as a try or a no try has its flaws. It can be a lot of influence to place on a hunch!


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i see so many headclashes this year already, lots of blood and injuries. this could be the year the survivors dictate whos in the GF
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Manly helped out by the 3rd ref denying a try to St George. Another slow mo where looks like he had the ball to complete the tackle - full speed, no way did he have it under control as a Dragon kicks it through and scores.

A close games more important than an accurate game