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I wonder what excuse Sticky comes up with after this arse-kicking
I wander what dressing room he'd prefer to be in.

Also look how much difference some penalties and set restarts make to continuing momentum. We got fucking none in over 120 mins against these same teams who are getting pinged time and time again. NONE!!!
There was a comment in one of the games last night. Think it was the Storm they hadn't had a set restart up until that point. Commentator points it out like it should be investigated as its strange not to have one.
Okay, I'm a bit salty, but...

Has there ever been two teams playing finals that have been worse than this years 7th & 8th?
Have we ever had a better and more dominant 1st and 2nd? Have we ever seen a more dominant top 6?

The competition is really loo sided this year. Also injuries have dramatically changed a few teams fortunes like we have never seen with the new rules. I think this is the lowest season ever for upset results.
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Pleased Cowboys lost as have an irrational dislike for Peyten after turning down the chance to coach us
His winning record with the Warriors 42% in 14 games
His winning record with the Cowboys 29% in 24 games

Not as crash hot as he thinks he is.