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Ever Hopeful

Rabbits 60 points on us, 50 on the Dragons, 40 on the Eels and 30 unanswered points to start this game. They are definitely building a strong platform for the finals. Their defence is a worry, but the inevitability of a Storm/Panthers final is far from certain anymore. if Tommy T stays fit and firing that spices it up a bit more.
Wow Ken actually put his body in front of someone going for the corner and helped rag doll them out.

Madge must have found a the Dinosaurs in Jurassic park.
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That’s a shoulder charge? Talakais was a attempted murder last week then. God the NRL officiating is a an absolute shambles
Agree...but gee that was a dangerous hit in the end....sickening impact.

Lucky it came out without a medi cab.

Not malicious just ugly.