Post Match NRL 2021 - Round 2 - Warriors vs Knights Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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The only way you could call it a no try is if your mindset is negative and your looking for reasons not to award it...
I think i was being misunderstood. I mean im tired of seeing refs calling no tries when most times it was, bunkers overturning, warrior games being lost to dumb ass calls and come monday we get told from nrl/official bosses that refs got it wrong. It happens 10 games a season. Its freaking bullshit!
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I know a few guys have mentioned this in the past so ill make it short. After watching the other games and seeing how captains challenge the ref's and make sure at the very least the ref is kept honest in his officiating I cant help but feel Roger Tuivasa-Sheck is absolutely the most useless captain in the history of the NRL. Great player, great role model, great leader but shit captain. Never evolved in this department in his whole time here.
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The only way you will get rid of acts like Kafusi is long suspensions. I have no hesitation in saying that was deliberate, an intetional act to inflict injury on another player. The penalty for that should start at 8 weeks in my opinion. People will whine, whinny and scream but who cares. Get them them off the field. The NRL have no choice if they are serious about long term player welfare.
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Did anyone on here go to the game????

2 reason's why I'm asking.
1 when jazz did the knee thing Chanel Harris-Tavita and JAZZ both said there was an elbow thrown.

2 it sounded through the telly like it was a knights home game, all I heard was the knights chant.
Yes there was an elbow throw, i watched the game and seen it in real time but the replays they kept showing started after the elbow which made it look as if jazz went in with the knee for no reason, a narrative many on this forum jumped on board with.

Even in the replays that did not show the elbow you could see by the reaction from nikorima that something had happened and jazz came in to defend his teammate, but ended up getting a penalty against himself.

I didnt mind the reaction from jazz and didnt think the 2 points dictated the game, it seemed like the knights were targeting nikorima for some off ball niggle as seen in this instance and the late hit after the kick, which again was not penalised, and this was the only time a warriors player objected to their playmakers treatment which is why i did not mind it in hindsight.
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Funny how 1 game can change peoples attitudes, correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't this the same team that took the field last week that everyone was giving high praises for?
All of a sudden Roger Tuivasa-Sheck is not the player some thought he was? lol
Come on man, get a grip. New coach, new players only round 2
Alright so some criticism was warranted fair enough I get that but a little harsh some of it.
For me I think our forward pack needs to up their work rate,, they didn't seem to have the same cohesion of last week.
Our back three or our backs seemed to be eating up 3 or 4 of the tackle count for most of that match. Pretty hard for our back line to get any combinations working when they are spending most of the game taking one up hits.
Apart from Hiku's hickup I still think our defence is pretty solid but still work in progress.

Bring on Canberra is all I'm focusing on, our first real test against one of the expected top 8 teams. Can't wait....