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Aug 13, 2016
Just watching the end of the Blues Crusaders and thinking how lucky we are to have a vital competitive comp. The Super Rugby Aotearoa variant of their comp is effectively over as far as a battle for the trophy goes after 4 rounds out of 10. Positions 2 through 5 might shift around but there’s no way the Storm of NZ Rugby AKA the Crusaders let this one go and you can watch all the other games if you like but until the next Blues Crusaders game (maybe) there’s not going to be one result that matters - if at all. Any way awesome to have the full season of the great game in front of us!
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Aug 18, 2013
Not exactly blown away by the Raiders in that performance. They completely failed to turn up in the second half - more of a Sharks loss than a Raiders victory.

I think the Warriors have a fair chance against them come next Saturday. The Roosters however are a different story...

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