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I don't even know how they can afford Vaughan, they've already spent big on Burton, JAC, Cotric, Allan, Naden, TPJ, Flanagan, Elliott, Jackson. To attract anyone to the club in previous years they have had to spend overs, so they must already be pretty close to the cap.

I think this is Brisbane two years on. They were in a hell of a mess after Hasler moved on and had multiple players in back ended contracts (Hasler's fave), and were paying for players to be playing for other clubs. Sound familiar?

I can't remember exactly, but I have a feeling at the same time they were docked money for consecutive years for breaching the salary cap too.

They identified 2021 at the time as the year they could spend again. I was more surprised they had money for some reasonable names last year tbh.

This one of the reasons that I believe Dean Pay was dudded. He was on a hiding to nothing and I'm surprised they didn't stick with him like the Eels did with Arthur.

We were told something similar by Peter O'Sullivan a couple of years back - no big signings until 2021 and beyond as yet another restructure started. But instead of making the same mistakes of signing the wrong guys on overs we signed some solid guys looking for a shot and some youth on cheap contracts. Now that we are adding some bigger names to decent, realistic contracts things are looking pretty good for the Warriors (whether this translates on the field next year is another matter). This is the most positive this forum has been about our future for years though.
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Cowbros what's Jensen's reputation like in the Stampede? Is he just a plodder or one of those frustrating fringe first graders who just can't string enough quality performances together?