Team List NRL 2021 Round 15 - Knights vs Warriors TEAM LIST [Round 15, 2021]

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McDonald Jones Stadium
19 Jun 2021 05:00PM

# Player Player #
2 D.Young R.Walsh 1
3 K.Mann M.Montoya 2
4 E.Tuala E.Aitken 4
5 H.Hunt R.Tuivasa-Sheck 5
6 J.Clifford K.Nikorima 6
7 M.Pearce S.O'Sullivan 7
8 J.Saifiti A.Fonua-Blake 8
9 J.Brailey J.Tevaga 9
10 D.Saifiti B.Murdoch-Masila 10
11 L.Fitzgibbon B.Sironen 11
12 B.Jones T.Harris 12
13 M.Barnett J.Curran 13
14 C.Watson E.Katoa 14
15 D.Klemmer L.Ah Mau 15
16 S.Sue K.Evans 17
17 J.Johns E.Kosi 18
18 J.King A.Pompey 21
19 T.Hoy T.Otukolo 22


Warriors Orange Peeler
Jun 21, 2012
Mt. Wellington, Auckland
NRL 2021 Round 15 - Knights vs Warriors TEAM LIST


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1st Grade Fringe
May 26, 2021
Jazz is a way better hooker than lock
Will be very interested to watch him go on Saturday
His tackling will be first rate probably better than any other hooker in the comp and let’s see how his service goes
He has looked ok subbing in a few times
I wouldn’t mind him becoming a legitimate hooking option that gets thirty minutes a game.

Ben Murdoch-Masila gets a second go at prop
If he makes even one legit prop like hit up that will be more of a contribution than last week

berry over Pompey is very interesting and berry must be impressing at training

Katoa in current befuddled mind set will be a liability
Apart from that we are basically at full strength minus Egan but hopefully jazz can have a blinder


1st Grade Fringe
Jul 1, 2020
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Warriors 1st Grader
May 7, 2012
No win.

In other words not really any excuse to carry on about this team naming, because frankly it was farked before five pm Tuesday.

Therefore, the rest of the details....mere in fact contain some viewing delights.

Excitement reason numero uno in a probably losing team has to be the inclusion of Sean O'Sullivan and Reece Walsh in the same team.

Sean O'Sullivan the direct attacker and genuine pivot with a very nice kicking game and Walsh the dynamo with a nice kick, direct play, and very special passing game....oh yeah Sean O'Sullivan passes beautifully compared to Chanel Harris-Tavita and Kodi.

So....and this is a bloody big if......if the dummy half can deliver serviceable ball to those two, we will see some very aggressive- attack including fifth tackle option taking.

We should also demand that Kodi stands up with Sean O'Sullivan and Walsh giving him the structure that he can add lib from.

But like I say it all depends on the hooking replacement and Jazz aint very good....balls will go everywhere which will distort what should have been our most structured and nicely shaped attacking formation this season.

When Jazz and his helper get it right we will probably score or dominate territory, when he screws it up we will look like shit.

Mr Egan is that important to 2021 and anyone moaning about him will learn the meaning of beggars and choosers.

Berry has pushed his way into the lead....and I love Brown for it...right coach right time wrong injury scenario.

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