Game Information


Central Coast Stadium
13 Jun 2021 04:00PM

# Player Player #
1 R.Tuivasa-Sheck N.Hynes 1
2 M.Montoya R.Smith 3
3 E.Aitken J.Olam 4
5 E.Kosi J.Addo-Carr 5
6 K.Nikorima C.Munster 6
7 C.Harris-Tavita J.Hughes 7
9 W.Egan J.Bromwich 8
10 L.Ah Mau B.Smith 9
11 B.Sironen F.Kaufusi 12
12 T.Harris D.Finucane 13
13 J.Curran H.Grant 14
14 J.Murchie T.Kamikamica 15
15 K.Evans A.Pene 17
16 B.Afoa D.Ieremia 18
17 B.Murdoch-Masila T.Eisenhuth 19
18 J.Tevaga M.Seve 20
21 K.Maumalo C.Lewis 21
23 A.Fonua-Blake T.Loiero 22

Ken is playing Wtf! Berry out

Brilliant news.

Ken deserved a proper send off.

Glad he gets to leave us in the fashion that his career for us deserves.

If I apply magical thinking here...Ken becomes a beast for the Tigers off the bench as an impact runner...gets home sick....returns as to the Warriors on compassionate grounds.

He never slacked off for us.

He deserves this....did I say that already?
Last weeks game, losing AGAIN by 1 pt, thats our 5th loss by 4pts and below.

For me it was the game that really shook me into reality, I support a team that has no ambition to win. Thats how it felt.

I dont want to ever feel like that again. I need a Premiership within my lifetime.

I have liverpool and nz cricket to kind of help absorb that blow. Even if we only ice 3/5 games, learning composure in our halves/walsh, that is 6 NRL points and would have us right now 8/5 and close to the top 4. We need a better 5/8th period, its obvious that is happenin, but at a snails pace. Its almost like they have gone, Kodi signed for another year and maybe we just leave it until then. I seriously hope not. Im not a huge fan of Chanel Harris-Tavita, but of the 3 halves excluding Walsh, he is by far the most calm, measured and has ever skill in the book.

I Still think its easier finding a FB for next year vs a 5/8th, if Shaun Johnson has genuinely been turned down. Im thinking 9 Brandon smith (insert a marquee 9) 7 Shaun Johnson, 6 Walsh, 1 Nicho hynes, now that is a set of spine backs I would follow. In fact there are better options than Nicho. Brandon, I think would see whats going on, he should get more game tonight clearly.