Post Match NRL 2021 - Round 1 - Warriors vs Titans Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Geez bit rough on Chanel Harris-Tavita's kicking considering he's got a quad issue currently. Just be thankful we didn't have O'Sullivan out there letting blokes waltz past him over the try line.

Will be raining next Friday on the coast, good battle up the middle against a decent Newcastle pack. Kicking will need to improve in that weather against Pearcey though, hopefully Chanel Harris-Tavita's quad is better by then.
Chanel Harris-Tavita might have to sit one out depending on the grade of the tripping charge
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Still undecided on the quality of the Titans, but hard to fault our effort and defence. The 2nd half with a two man bench was top quality in that heat.

A nice balance between a lot of positives and a couple of things to work on, Chanel Harris-Tavita needs to improve his kicking and Kodi needs to demand the ball at times. Backs are still a bit clunky in general.

Forward pack is top 4 potential though and defensively we were great. If we can keep up doing what we are doing though, we’ll win more games than we lose.
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Trip is usually just a fine from memory going off previous ones.
Yeah looked low grade to me but I think if it’s a grade 2 or 3 it’s a suspension scenario