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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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People bag out Papali'i but want Pulu back in? Pulu had 6 good rounds in 2018 before injuring his foot, and he has done nothing since. Last year he was invisible in a NSW cup pack full of rookies. Will be interested to see if he gets re-signed end of season at this rate, can't imagine it would be on the same money we got him from GC on.

He has never run for more than 100m as a Warrior, the most being 98m off the bench against South's in Rd 1 2018. Even the game against the roosters where he ran onto the Blair short ball to score totalled 77m.In fact the last time he played was an approximately 20 minute stint for 0 runs of 0m!

Not saying stats are everything but memories of him being Kikau like on an edge seem to be rather distorted.

I would think thatbthe chances of him being signed for next year are very remote given his lack of playing time


Fusitua and Burr out, Beale and Curran in.

Curran for Burr is good even if its because of the HIA. Got fucking sick of watching Burr get smashed 5m backwards every time he trundled it up.

Beale on the other hand... How this guy keeps getting a wing slot is beyond me. I know we're thin in the reserves but honestly we must have someone who can run faster than a slow waddle?!
Test of Payton as a coach now
I think the good thing would be to put Beale at centre and Herbert to wing.
Guessing it'll be Papal'i coming on at lock, and Blair going to prop?

Will be interesting to see how much of a run Curran gets. If SK was still in charge he'd probably only get 20 minutes giving Murchie a spell, but maybe he'll get a better hitout under new mate.
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They were just talking on the Matty Johns podcast a bit about the Warriors. About how Sheck used to play exactly like Tedesco, parked in behind each play the ball ready to follow the ball and sniff out an offload. Then he came to the Warriors, and we had him playing the opposite way out wide as the extra man on the block play which nullifies his footwork. Damn, we really ruining Rog sad times. I often watch those Roosters highlights, he was incredible round the ruck. If he stayed at the Chooks, he'd have 3 premierships by now.

To be fair if he'd stayed and on more premiersips we'd all be saying the chooks cooked the books!
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