Post Match NRL 2020 - Round 7 - Storm vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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From a guy that has spent his off seasons at NFL clubs to study kicking an professionalism .has spent time at the crusaders an other sports clubs
I think he wouldnt kick them out if the roles were reversed .

But yeah everything is going so well for us you guys are right we should just keep on with how we do things.

An you don't think for a second Payton didn't invite them in to talk?
Theres a big difference between allowing oppositions into the changing room after a thrashing and going out and viewing successful teams systems in the off seasons. I read an article saying its unprecedented. You want to know why noone has done it before, because its throwing a pity party for your team and noone wants that.

You cant talk experienced players into being good defenders, even in the 2018 season the Warriors were losing to good teams by big scorelines. This current team is not well constructed, I dont believe they have the resources to turn this around.. so to expect them to be winning or even competing seems crazy to me.
Heyzeuss farking spare me. I have posted before about Kiwi tours which even in the 80s were over two months, back in the steamship days they were 6 months. This team is full of guys with no guts, not all of them, but enough of them.

Go sign some young guys with guts who will tackle 80 mins and see the crowds support the club no matter what the score. I fully accept that the Polynesian boys like the families but so did the Maori boys back in the old 6 months tours. What a load of total bullshit.

Unfortunately or fortunately Bruce, we're not still in the 80's. The world changes every minute which you probably haven't noticed. Attitudes, values and circumstances change along with it.

Bet you woke up this morning though
Its clear to see the boys have been putting in effort but refs calls, bad bounces and just downright bad coaching have been killing us along with everything else going on.

Here are a few observations from this season that have really irked me and have been heavily exposed in this game:
-our attack especially when we get a mountain of ball has been weak, lateral and slow. It needs to get squared up, faster and players need to support each other
-Hiku needs to get moved from centre (especially away from Nikorima) or atleast lose some weight so hes quicker off the mark. He looks slightly overweight and slow and the Storm kept running block plays at him with Papenhuyzen running the sweep line which exposed him for his lack of quickness off the mark. He is a talented ballrunner nonetheless and seems more suited for a role in the back 3 so he may get an opportunity to impress and gain fitness with Roger Tuivasa-Sheck out.
-Green played better than usual this week but if he is 96kg as stated on his profile, hes about 5kg overweight for a halfback and its painfully clear to see in the way that he moves and doesn't threaten the line even when he takes them on. He handles himself in D but needs to take a step back in attack as evidenced by how bad our attack has been ever since he took over as the main playmaker. Has looked much less potent running the right side of attack vs 2018 when he ran the left hand side. Also his 5th tackle options, especially his cross field grubbers in good ball zone and defensive bombs, are so predictable and almost a crime when you have Maumolo, Fusitua and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck as your back three along with mobile centres.
-Maumolo is a workhorse and has carried the Warriors on his back so many times but he looks too slow to be playing on the wing. Losing a few kgs could help him get quicker off the mark and we need the forwards to pump out the metres anyway. Here's hoping its just injury rust but he was exposed this game and him going for an ankle tap instead of getting a shoulder into Vunivalu was disappointing.
-Nikorima needs to step up in running the attack and needs a bodyguard in defence due to his size and no Papalii is not gonna cut it since hes not an edge forward. Really want to see him go to the right edge where Beale/Herbert and Murchie could cover him in D.
-Roger Tuivasa-Sheck isn't a ballplayer. Atleast not yet. Him trying to run that right side has been painful to watch and his weapon is his left foot step which is better suited to the left edge for cutting against the grain. 2nd receiver is what suits him until he gets some better coaching cos he has the talent but it has not worked out.
-Young forwards such as Jamayne Tounua-Brown, Vuniyayawa, Katoa esp, have really stepped up along with Blair (has been bumped off a few times in D tho) and Harris. It's a more mobile game now so they need to start running together (refer to the Roosters since the restart) and Tevaga could immediately make a difference as long as he is fit and injury free. It would really help if our halves and fullback kept pushing up in support of our forwards since they all have offloads in them
-Craig Twentyman (head of strength and conditioning) needs to be held accountable since we've had way too many injuries this season and its a real concern that this has coincided with big conditioning and preseason changes. It could be pure luck but the chances are pretty low imo.
-There should be a clear game plan for each player which minimises the effects of player losses due to injury and homesickness. It's time we played in a smarter and more calculated way and stopped relying on big names to carry us through.
-Jamayne Tounua-Brown should start due to size, Fusitua is a winger for now, Herbert and Beale are centres, Lawton has been a great sub, Papalii needs to play as a lock, Burr is a right edge 2nd rower, Harris shouldn't be overworked and is labouring through 80 minutes in the middle, Vuniyayawa has what it takes and Ale and ATG look more promising than Murchie on the edge and speaking of the edge, where is Pulu at.

I really wanna get an Aussie membership but this team and its subpar coaching is killing me and all of us almost week in week out.