Gameday NRL 2020 Round 7 - General Discussion


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Apr 9, 2016
Not sure if right thread but man Sam Burgess has the worst comedic presence on TV right now. Bloke should just find his own thing and stop trying so hard to be one of the boys. No timing, no wit, no showmanship and constantly ruins the flow of conversations or jokes for others as well.


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May 10, 2012
Imagine if we did the spoon, what a fucking nightmare that would be.
I'm not sure we win another game

The players have been informed their families are unlikely to get dispensation. I'm certain this 3 week deal is more for the club to somehow arrange reinforcements before those guys leave.

I'd say we will get the spoon plus breathing room
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Nov 3, 2012
That Titans pack will have Tino,possibly Fafita and Ese'ese to join Fotuaika and Bam.
Wonder if they will resign Proctor.
He ain't spectacular these days but a brother is hard nails.
James should get resigned?

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