Post Match NRL 2020 - Round 18 - Sharks vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Not sour grapes here but the Sharks are pretty poor for a top 8 team. Could say the same about us had we been able to jump into 8th.
A lot of restarts and penalties at really important times for the Sharks and Warriors made some really dumb errors and they still only iced the game very late. They'll be gone week one of the finals. Wade Graham ain't going to make that much difference


Honestly I'm happy enough.

Figured we'd lose this one, when were two tries down i wondered if it was going to be a slaughter.

To then pull ahead for a bit was awesome. That try with 6 mons left hurt.

That last try happens when you are playing with intent to win. They were either gonna score a screamer or conceed one. Unfortunately it was the later.
Yes, yes Jazz was poor nobody can be great every game and sometimes guys have bad games. We get it. But so was most of the pack with the exception of Harris and Murchie( Harris was immense again). Pack looked bullied.
Chanel Harris-Tavita was poor, Nikorima was quiet for large periods. Jennings can go back to the eels now. Pompey has been good and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck had a solid game.
Ref was shit but i dont think biased, just incompetent.
Speaking of bias, can we please petition to have bloka roach removed from commentary? I cant stand his takes, its always anti warriors and epitomizes the way i think the refs feel about our team.
Bad game today but still proud of the team and they way they have fought to finish out the season.
Lets play the other guys now for the last 2 games as the seasons over, but boy ill tell you for the first time in a few years im really excited for next season!
Ready to sack Jazz off. Second week in a row he’s lost us the game through doing something dumb.

He sees Talakai smiling after bumping off Hiku and goes for the shoulder charge, giving away the penalty which they score off.

The guys has absolutely zero intelligence and is as dumb as a fucking bag of rocks.

I definatley won’t be watching next season if he’s in the 17.
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The back end of the season has been great to watch. Even if we don't win another game and get smashed next week, I'm still proud of the way they rallied in a way that I didn't expect. Hopefully we can build on the positives from the backend of the season because there's been a lot to like.

I just want to specifically shout out Murchie for his game today. It felt like whenever something good happened, he wasn't far away from the action.
That first half was odd. Can only put it down to pressure of the occasion. It becomes apparent in these games where you have those clutch moments that a million dollar metre eating full back ain’t gonna win it for ya. Nothing against Roger he was massive tonight but be can’t call the plays and control the tempo. Still that game got my heart racing and I’m so proud our boys gave it a 💯 in the second half. Next two games will be interesting. I hope the likes of Murchie Hayze etc stick at it use these games to build character for next year.