Post Match NRL 2020 - Round 18 - Sharks vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Well a strange game. Good effort.

Roger and Kodi picked an odd game to go AWOL on attack.

Jazz wasn't the same after the head knock.

But other than that can't complain.
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Man the wheels fell off finally.

We struggled in the middle, and made too many errors.

Johnson played well for the Sharks, taught our halves a lesson.

Fark I hate losing to the Sharkies as well, this one hurts.
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Ever Hopeful

It would have been embarrassing for the Sharks not to have made the finals given their draw. Imagine making the 8 despite not beating a team in the 8. Jealous, not really, just can't stand the grubs and their fans.

Lots of good things out of this season. Some good depth provided we get another couple of signings.
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Honestly can someone please explain to me what Jazz does? Week in and week out he gives away mindless penalties, brain dead knock ons, and tries to be an enforcer without the skill, size or strength to actually do so.

I'm sick of him, every time he's near the ball (which is every f'ing set) I just wait for something bad to result from it.
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Played dumb, didn’t seem like there was any leadership on field.

Disagreed with the first two points but the second should have taken it to go four up and slow the game down.
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Oh well. We fought hard, which I’m so proud of. We’re an 80 minute team patched together, warrior like spirit.

Those little niggling injuries to our key players hurt us in the end.

As I said many times before, I’m looking forward to the future years of this club.
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Proud of the boys this season, hope they stick at it for the last 2 rounds. Dissapointed in the boys overall discipline today, really put us on the back foot for majority of that game.
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Mr Bob

A couple of unlucky plays but thats footy

Tough loss but good effort Warriors

Can’t hate on anyone

We’re now out but it’s been a great month of footy

Onwards and upwards for next season
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