Post Match NRL 2020 - Round 17 - Warriors vs Eels Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Fantastic effort by the boys again, can't ask for anything more from these guys, they are busting their asses and playing with pride.

Had everything against us, never dropped our heads and kept playing till the final whistle. The ref was a joke. It's getting tiresome, it's far worse when you see these guys playing their hearts out every week and getting shafted so often.

Thanks an easy A rating for me, well done guys and keep it up 👍
Jazz just ain't a big game player. He just isn't.

Shit he does a lot of good but he's a big game liability and proved it in spades today
Please watch the game properly. Without Jazz this team would have crumbled. The ells tried to bully us off the park and you can tell that Jazz aggression takes pressure off the rest of the pack and gets into the opposition teams heads. He also sets the linespeed. Man you guys always look for scapegoats. We lost. Too a great team. The ref was shit.
Hard to fault the guys for effort. Lack of speed probably cost us a few points on both sides the ball, got a little too sideways midway through the second half, but considering the sheer amount of changes we deal with from week to week it's understandable that we have patches of poor cohesion at times.

Great effort, just came up short when it mattered. Can hold their heads high though.
Jazz literally lost us the game with the sin bin. It was soft, but that stupid cu** brought it on himself.

Curran too was an absolute liability. I don’t want to ever see him again.

We kept fighting for the entire 80 so I’m happy with that part of our performance. It was a high intensity game and we didn’t wilt so even if it was a really frustrating loss, I don’t feel ashamed or angry at the team as a whole.
I dont usually like to bag any warriors player. But Curran should definitely not have been out there definitely would of went Turner or Ale. Given the size of the eels pack probably Ale.
Terrible officiating at times in that 2nd half. Player all over the back of Hiku isn't a set restart and when he does give the penalty he isn't binned for a professional foul. If holding down in the final 90 seconds isn't a professional foul then what is? They got away with several niggles at the PTB that should have been restarts. We probably did as well if you speak to an Eels fan.

The penalty at the end comes off the back of a set in which they play the ball on the line, pass from dummy half and take the ball in front of the line (stretching to do so) but no forward pass is called. Plus I also think Roger Tuivasa-Sheck has an arguement for being taken in the air. That Nathan Graham looks like a right ****.

The sin bin as I said on the gameday thread went towards ruining the game. They score 12 points there which totally changes the course of that game. We did well to stay in touch.

Some dumb plays from us at times don't get me wrong but the referee has really annoyed me with that display. He was terrible.
Very proud of the effort. That’s just expected now, the new normal.

Some crucial calls went against us. Nothing new.

The fight, the willingness to stay in the arm wrestle. To not back down despite adversity. That is what I hope remains ingrained in this side moving forward.

Being based in Australia may be the best thing to happen to this club. They are proving they do belong.

That perhaps they are a “sleeping giant”.

Jazz copping the slander again. The sin binning was controversial -trigger happy by the ref - but yes, he needs to be more disciplined there.

That Beale try - that was a turning point. That ball wasn’t forward, line ball at best, that would’ve put us ahead and I could see is going on with it there.

But we never gave up. And even if we don’t make the finals, I am so proud of this group.

I was pumped up and screaming for the first time in a long time.

This team as they are now, deserves our praise, our support, our loyalty. How they’ve been playing, is all we’ve ever asked for.

Fox sports talking highly of Parra right now. Fuck off they’re soft as fuck, need to piggyback off of favourable referring and when the going gets tough they break. They’re a fake top 4 side that will get exposed in the finals.

I don’t know - maybe I’m just petty. What I do know for sure is I’m proud brothers and sisters.

Win or lose, when the boys play like this you can go to sleep content.

EDIT - I swear Sivo stripped the ball out of Hikus hands and over the sideline when they stopped his last minute try effort. But nothing from the touchies, ref or bunker.
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