Post Match NRL 2020 - Round 17 - Warriors vs Eels Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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You are right that Jazz should not have so many hit ups. At the moment however, with Katoa out there is not much firepower in the pack, bar Harris.

Jamayne Tounua-Brown - 4 runs - 41m
Burr - 6 - 67
Murchie - 9 - 66
Harris - 21 - 176
Jazz - 20 - 180
Blair - 6 - 48
Curran - 2 - 14
Papalii - 15 -107

Papalii stands out abit too me as watching the game it didnt seem like he had as many runs or metres.
With the current team make up it makes sense for Jazz to have a higher work load as he has been effective. Is it a good plan for a whole season? No i dont think so, but im really looking foward to next years pack and what we can build off the back of that.
On a side note looking through the stats, Pompey seems to be going from strength to strength which is a nice development. He may have a future in the centres though as he lacks elite speed, but has good footwork and a big frame but that position will be quite crowded next year.
Good points :) On Katoa yes when he doesn't play we miss him
- this year the warriors have a 42% winning record with him and a 28% winning record without him.

Looking at the running metre stats you posted, perhaps had Jazz not hit it up so much Murchie and Burr may have done more. Neither appear as though they were busy enough based on those numbers.
Ice's metres per carry look ordinary too.