Post Match NRL 2020 - Round 17 - Warriors vs Eels Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Warriors Orange Peeler
NRL 2020 - Round 17 - Warriors vs Eels Post Match Discussion
New Zealand Warriors vs Parramatta Eels
Central Coast Stadium, Central Coast


Thread to share your thoughts on the Round 17 game between the New Zealand Warriors and Parramatta Eels after the match. Name your Man of the Match, discuss the coach, captain, starting team, bench, opposition, game tactics, substitutions, errors (or lack thereof), penalties (or lack thereof) highs, lows, refs etc.

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I said it in gameday thread ... Payten needs to show his true colors & drop napalm on these refs regardless of the result ... " the worst sin binning I've ever seen" - Vossy
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Jazz cost us the game with the sin bin. Still take away the 12 points scored while down the 12 players and the score line flatters the Eels.

The sin bin was weak but Jazz always gives away penalties at the wrong time. He’s not a smart player
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Jazz just ain't a big game player. He just isn't.

Shit he does a lot of good but he's a big game liability and proved it in spades today
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really really poor refereeing by grant atkins

everyone in the rugby league world agrees except for eels fans
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If that wasn’t an example of the game being ‘managed’ by the refs boss in the ear of the onfield ref I don’t know what is.
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Farkin hell. Cracking game.
Given all that's against us this season, going 18-24 vs top 4 team is a great effort.

Cracking league. Result sucks but everything else, just cracking.
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Happy with the loss if that makes sense.
Still a chance to make the 8.
A pretty good quality game.
Pushed one of the top 4 to the end really.
Fuck Gutho
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Stop Being Shit
Team played well, love how we are playing.
That 10mins with 12 players really killed us. I mostly blame the ref there but Jazz needs to pick his moments better. Fucked us with that sinbin.
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Mr Bob

Gutted we couldn’t get the Win but overall very very happy with the teams performance

Only wish we didn’t have a cheating cu** of a ref every week. It’s ridiculous the blatant bias.

there has to be an investigation on this crap we get every week!!
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There does need to be an investigation.
I gave an A+ purely because the ref didn't want us to win. Shameless once again by the refs. Very used to it but that was another one that was so obvious it isn't even funny.
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Ya Gotta be happy with that effort considering all the chops and changes, the ref, and the whole bullshit from the season.
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Jazz literally lost us the game with the sin bin. It was soft, but that stupid cu** brought it on himself.

Curran too was an absolute liability. I don’t want to ever see him again.

We kept fighting for the entire 80 so I’m happy with that part of our performance. It was a high intensity game and we didn’t wilt so even if it was a really frustrating loss, I don’t feel ashamed or angry at the team as a whole.
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With basically a team on a wooden leg this whole season, we've pushed the top 4 to their limits:

18-10 vs Roosters
18-12 vs Panthers
24-18 vs Eels

Would have given the top 8 a run for its money. But same old story, make dumb judgment calls during critical times. Thanks Jazz, you did it once again.
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