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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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Don't know which thread to put this in, but one thing I hope they clean up this year is where we tackle the opposition player fair and square but he puts on a performance and demands a penalty and the ref's accede. No other sport has that dynamic in it where players just demand that they should have a penalty for no particular reason and the ref agrees based on the player's histrionics.
Pakistan at cricket mate ;) ...especially before they had neutral umpires...and the West Indies it was the crowds, not the players.:wtf:
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And there we go, Newc do what WE CANT do, simply put the ball over the stripe from 5m out.

I expect a long 10 years of sub 8 before mooks terrible offense Brain (or lack of) before he is let go. EVen Stacey Jones seems much too relaxed for top 8. We need INTENSE people, people who throw sh.. when they are mad, players who slap each other when they are getting ready to play !

Newc did the simple play Ive said over and over with either Fusitua or Ken on the angle on the inside pass 5-8m out and easy as you like, Try
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Herbert unlucky there with an Roger Tuivasa-Sheck like tackle from Ponga saves a try.

But honestly what what is Green doing, 2 terrible 30m out kicks, then a grubber 5m out straight to Ponga, then the only good thing was his 40/20 kick. We need a top quality 5/8th for Johnsons money Boy George, not 8x 1/10th the player he is. Then put Chanel Harris-Tavita to 7, new said player to 6. I just hope Hayze is as good at 5/8th as was said 2 years ago. Seems like a long time since Hayze has been around 1st grade fringes (2 seasons)
Iro moving his hands around like this Soft Serve BS has worked since Cleary left.

THROW A CHAIR AT THE WALL FFS and get up in every single players face with a finger, like a drill seargeant and remind them the Fans are gone, if your family starts being embarrassed thats somewhere you do not want to go.


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