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Missed the first game as I was driving from Auckland to the Bay of Plenty. Left earlier than usual as I was keen to catch the Broncos vs Cowboys game. I got here just in time but had no idea if I'd be watching the derby match that usually draws a big crowd would even have a crowd.

Greenberg saying the NRL has money aside for events like this. The Grant/Smith regime were putting money aside for future funds and also in case something unforeseen but that was mainly so they could operate for a time with no broadcasting money. The usual people like Gould and Rothfield complained wanting to know why the clubs weren't getting the money or why funds were being diverted.
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Whats the point of this captains challenge if thier just going to make the wrong ruling again? Theres clear hands on the ball there and very little evidence to say he lost it at all.
it might end up like the NFL where you could challenge pass interference or lack of calls. Some of the most obvious cases that should of over ruled the referee didnt happen. most likely not to make the referees look more incompetent


Sharks' Xerri tested for coronavirus as V'landys warns of 'trouble' if games called off

Cronulla centre Bronson Xerri has been tested for coronavirus on the eve of their round-one match against South Sydney as Australian Rugby League Commission chairman Peter V’landys warned of "dire consequences" for the code if the NRL was forced into shutdown.
While the global pandemic has already had an unprecedented impact on world sport, with major leagues such as the NBA and Spain’s La Liga suspended, the two professional tennis tours put on hold and the Australian Grand Prix scratched among other cancellations, round one NRL matches will continue to be played before crowds this weekend.

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NRL CEO announces plans to combat coronavirus

NRL CEO announces plans to combat coronavirus

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NRL CEO announces plans to combat coronavirus
Greenberg addresses the state of the NRL

Todd Greenburg has announced the NRL's first week will proceed as normal but from round two all games be closed to fans.
Stadiums will, however, be closed off to spectators from round two, NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg announced on Friday after speaking to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, whose government has advised against all non-essential gatherings of 500 or more people from Monday on the recommendation of Australia’s chief medical officer, Brendan Murphy.
Cricket and basketball have already taken that step by shutting the gates for Australia’s two one-day internationals against New Zealand in Sydney on Friday and Sunday and for the remainder of the NBL finals respectively, while the AFLW has done likewise.

The NRL is now bracing itself for the financial fallout of playing before empty stadiums, with one senior club executive estimating it would cost the clubs a combined $80 million in lost game-day revenue if fans were locked out for the rest of the season.
The even worse scenario, though, is for matches to be called off altogether due to COVID-19 and if the health crisis affects the game’s showpiece, the State of Origin series, this winter. The NRL confirmed its two broadcast partners, Fox Sports and Nine, the publisher of this masthead, had on Friday conveyed their preference for games to go ahead rather than the season being delayed or games being called off.
Cronulla's Bronson Xerri has been tested for coronavirus.

Cronulla's Bronson Xerri has been tested for coronavirus.CREDIT:NRL PHOTOS
That could be taken out of the NRL’s hands, however, if a player, coach, staff member or another person associated with a team contracts the virus given the likelihood of transmission between players. One positive test in the NBA led to the whole league being suspended.
There was already concern on Friday when it emerged that that two Cronulla players had reported flu-like symptoms and been isolated. Cronulla doctor Paul Annett said one player had been tested for coronavirus as a precaution. According to sources, Xerri was the player tested.

"Neither has travelled or been in contact with anyone who has travelled to COVID-19 affected areas, are low risk and there is no suggestion they have contracted the virus," Annett said.
Greenberg said he had been in contact with the Sharks, who are due to play South Sydney at ANZ Stadium on Saturday. "We’re doing this with all of our clubs," Greenberg said. "If players are presenting flu-like symptoms we want them tested. We want to take all those precautions so Cronulla are doing the right thing."
While Greenberg was in Townsville before Friday night's opening of the North Queensland Cowboys' new stadium, V'landys was holed up at his Hunters Hill home with a whiteboard and a marker pen on Friday, glued to his phone and war gaming for the worst. The ARLC chairman wasn’t at his office at Racing NSW headquarters in the city because his two children had croup and in the current climate he was eager not to spread it around.
In these extraordinary times, however, V’landys saw his self-isolation in a positive light, allowing him "uninterrupted time to deal with" the impact of the coronavirus spread on the two major Australian sports he oversees, rugby league and racing.
Like most professional sport, the NRL relies heavily on fees from its broadcasters, who pay in monthly instalments, under the five-year $1.7 billion television deal with Fox Sports and Nine which runs until 2022. V’landys said the outlook was "sick" for the code if matches began to be abandoned.

"What we need to do is at the very minimum, we want to play games because without playing the game we’re in trouble," V’landys said. "That’s where we’re going to need assistance from government because the game has got to stay financially viable.


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I thought Lisone played well last night. A few early season errors where he wasn’t quite gelling with his team mates but overall looked like a starting prop.

He was playing with confidence and I wonder if that is what Kearney’s selection strategy is ruining? He has his favourites and the rest are bit pieces who are not given a chance to step up or play their natural game.

Lisone will be a better player at the GC than the Warriors. He’ll be given a new opportunity and perhaps even Jimmy Dymock will provide some coaching?
I thought Lisone played well last night. A few early season errors where he wasn’t quite gelling with his team mates but overall looked like a starting prop.

He was playing with confidence and I wonder if that is what Kearney’s selection strategy is ruining? He has his favourites and the rest are bit pieces who are not given a chance to step up or play their natural game.
He was good,enthusiasm was on a high.
Happy for him.


Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
I note that Ferg has received the max fine they can give for that trip that everyone on the night went to such pains to say wasnt. It shits me that some players still get special treatment from the refs. If that had been just about anyone else it would have been called up instantly and play moved on. Even the commentators were trying to say it wasnt a trip. World coming to an end and its still the same old shit.
Round 1 is usually the round the NRL like to promote the crowd figures or the negative journos like to point our doom and gloom that it was down by 100 from the previous year.

The first two games played at the new stadiums were well attended. The changing landscape and the weather looked to have hit the first two Saturday games.

Well the Souths vs Sharks game is hard to judge since we do get games played in this huge stadium that look like they aren't well attended. They usually look bad later in the season.