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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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Seems odd to be picking Satae on a bench that is short a forward. Great to have a big body but would have been looking for someone who can play some minutes
I haven't forgotten how good Pulu is.

We could have this back row again. Harris on the right, where he's lethal, and Pulu on the left where he's devastating.

But instead Kearney want's to get himself fired by putting Pulu in as a middle forward and keeping Harris on the left where they are both a little uncomfortable and nowhere near as effective...

You are also far from the dumbass Kearney is though Jonno.

What gets me is he hasn't even tried what worked so well last season, yet he perseveres time and again with out of form and out of position players. I will never be able to understand what goes through that guys head, just don't get him at all.
I really hope the boys get our season back on track with a win, well within striking distance anyway of the top 8.... I really dont want us to be one of those bottom dwelling wooden spooner teams, I just dont know if I could manage another loss especially to the Knights
For me that looks spot on except the cut to interchange., if we are up and unbeatable lets see what Hayze can do at 18 before the new duldrums begin. He can play any back position other than FB. Look only one Hooker on the bench, marvelous. Roache is nearing a prop for me. He aint small or quick. Put on another 5kg and we could use him as a prop/hooker utility. Blair pull your socks up, you are part of the leadership group. Damn thats a god roster you would have to be a clown not to coach that to the 8.

1 Roger Tuivasa-Sheck (C)
2 David Fusitua
3 Peta Hiku
4 Patrick Herbert
5 Ken Maumalo
6 Chanel Harris-Tavita (in his farewell Warriors game before being signed elsewhere)
7 Blake Green
8 Agnatius Paasi
9 Issac Luke
10 Leeson Ah Mau
11 Isaiah Papalii
12 Tohu Harris
13 Lachlan Burr

14 Nathaniel Roache
15 Adam Blair
16 Bunty Afoa
18 Hayze Perham
How can we ever get that storm mentality happining with those comments
Would be a good time to get a streak going, average teams next few rounds.
After knights have dragons, Panthers, broncos then a bye before the storm again.
This period will probably make or break us for the top 8
With our hard run in to the finals we need to win 4/5 to have a realistic shot.
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Lets take this round and next weekend against the Dragons as a learning lesson for what we need from our own halves. Sharks used a rookie half that made Shaun Johnson look silly and Nikora the rookie Centre many saying will make the kiwis. But for me outside the Roosters, the dragons have the best halves combo now DCE is out. Yet Panther were suppose to do well with Maloney and Cleary, but with their key stats well at the back of the pack it shows in where they are on the table. We should never have let CNK go, now we benched Kata its a perfect time to inject a much performing 1st grade CNK

Penrith show that having an organising half like Cleary is good (he blooded at 18yo), but without creating holes or running through holes you need a Keary sort, but they dont, they have Maloney who is more the same of Cleary.

Hopefully if Kodi takes this as starting all over again and hes NOT the organising half, he can create and or run through some holes :)

What the hell are you saying? Does this make sense to anyone else?
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