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I would rather the Storm beat the Sharks but i told my partner earlier this week that there will be a square up in penalties in the Storm game. As in the Sharks will get a good rub. Last 7 penalties in a row for the Sharks. We will win on the weekend cos the Refs will give us a little help with the 50/50. Doesn't give us the two points from last week but its what usually happens.

Knowing NRL reffing we’llget 50/50s in a cruisey game when we don’t need them.
Last night mid way through the second half they showed the run of penalties.

The Sharks had a decent run all the way back to the first half. The Storm could barely buy a penalty until towards the end a stark change to last week where they didn't even have to play the ball properly.
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Hate the sharks, gutted the storm lost but they were mud last nite, I watched some of the second half and thought Munster must have been injured as I didn't notice him at all. Bellamy would have been livid after that loss, one of the things i like about him is he wears his heart on his sleeve, love watching him go off his nuts in the box. Side note but not sure who has the worst hair in that game, Josh Dugan or Kaufisi, really is some bad styles there.