Team List NRL 2019 Round 6 - Warriors vs Cowboys TEAM LIST

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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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We've been thinking that for several years. Remember first season of SK being coach? Kata was well off the pace (he had some terrible family stuff to deal with which didn't help), it was the same thing on this forum, everyone wanting Kata gone.

Kearney was very defensive when talking about him this week, I don't think he will ever be dropped TBH. He apparently has an iffy knee, so perfect time to replace him, but I'm sure he'll play anyway.

Roache has to play, Luke will likely play even though he's looked injured all season. Kearney is probably thinking a mobile fast pack will help break the Cowboys big guys defence. Double edged sword though, if we get tired out defending they roll through us all night.
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