Post Match NRL 2019 - Round 4 - Warriors vs Titans Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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way better attitude in defence

Jazz should only ever be hooker when we have an in game injury. I do love some of his dummy half work but over all he should be there more than a few tackles a game

I like Chanel Harris-Tavita. he takes on the line and gives us something different to a younger blake green clone
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After two real bad losses is there a more Warriors way to start a game than kicking out on the full and giving away a penalty. I supposed scoring off the field kick would be the other one.

Good to get a win still not totally confident.
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Win is a win but we shouldn't get carried away as it was against the Titans. Rabbitohs will be a good test but unfortunately no chance of a win against them. Rabbitohs by at least 30
... Kearney walks into sheds: “ligi, Lawton, it’s time to go back into the box now”, Lawton tries to run but Beale’s hand creeps out and grabs him, dragging him back in. AK tries to pass out a message “tell my wife I love her”, but Stacey burns him with one of his after match darts. The box shuts and is wheeled away. A single tear runs down Ken Maumalo’s cheek that he quickly wipes away before anyone else sees. Kata still waits...
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A win is a win is a win

Much better display of attitude but hard to get too enthused about that win when the Tits were so poor for majority of the match

Solid debut from Chanel Harris-Tavita & I'm looking forward to seeing more of our young gun in the future

Don't understand why SK persists with using Tevaga for so long at dummy half when Lawton is such an obvious superior option for that role

If our whole pack ran like Bunty we'd be fuck'n fearsome up front

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck best on the pitch by a long shot … as usual
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I duuno.. I remember when I used to see nice well placed kicks for Manu or Fusitua to run onto & score on the wing.
I ain't seeing many well placed kicks to the wing for David Fusitua to run on to.
Fusitu'a is a deadly weapon the Warriors should use more..

But the Warriors are lacking (at the moment), anyone that can confidently place that nice ball on the corner for him score.
Fusitua may have a lean year in scoring tries because of this.
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I can’t see green lasting many more games before a big spell on the side lines. Burgess is going to hammer him.
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