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01 Jan 1970 12:00


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Stats fro 360 on the position of the Premieres after round 4 for the last few years. Cows must of had a clanger in 2015...

This is going to seem strange for a fan forum but I'm going to praise the opposition.

Manly lost their first two games and played like a team wanting a win.

I thought the way they moved the ball coming out of their own half was good. They would often spread the ball early in the tackle count coming out of their own end.

Addin Fonua-Blake coming back from suspension was good. I'd have loved for our recruitment for this year to have included him along with Ah Mau. That offload to Trbojevic is what we want from our side. A big forward smashing into the opposition and offloading to a back to take advantage of the second phase.

Trbojevic coming back in was involved a lot.
You're right. He's rewarding hard work/training ethic maybe because that was the sort of player he was, the ultimate pro.
Its kind of what we wanted for years but its a damn fine line
Training hard is one of the four pillars of being a good team player.

The other 3 are:

Always have a good excuse.

Never do anything that makes you look like you're trying too hard.

Always look after the bros.
I made a decision to miss last season after 20 odd years of support and the 2017 disappointments. Got rid of Sky because I was paying $1000 a year to watch the team lose. I didn't watch a game or participate on the forum or even read the sports news all year
Back this season and what has changed?
A few different faces but really nothing else
This season we thrashed a crap team, got beaten badly by an ordinary team, then played a struggling team that everyone thought we would smash back in to form. Groundhog Day!!!!
The same poor defence and attack, bad misreads of the game, dumb penalties, and a general lack of heart
I think we're in for another long season

Only $1000 a year? You got a good deal
Is this true? He was an actual genius in the ring.

Sorry for going off topic be gentle
He was committed to winning. Maybe more than any other athlete that's ever lived.

That was his super power if you like. That's why he's the greatest.

That's why the Warriors sucked on Saturday. They had other priorities.
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Mr Frank White

On the Ali thing, he might be on the spectrum. Apparently it's super beneficial in order to achieve absolute genius. A mind thats singularly focused.

The doco on Rodney Mullen shows the same thing.
Personally I would have Ayshford back in just because of his personal attitude, and Lawton or Roache. Contrary to many I believe Jazz put in on Saturday, he always does. I haven't seen his stats so I could be corrected.
I don’t think there’ll ever be an issue with Jazz not putting in, that’s his biggest attribute, he goes hard, sometimes too hard.
The biggest issue is, he is NOT a hooker.
Replacement or otherwise.
His service was shocking.
When we had them near the line for those multiple sets in the second half it really showed.
Granted, the rest of the team weren’t doing jack shit (apart from Roger and Leeson) but when the dummy half service is so sloppy and clunky, it’s near impossible to get on the front foot.
I rate Jazz, all heart, and in no way do I place the blame for that ugly ass performance squarely on his shoulders, but please Kearney, sort it out, the guy isn’t a hooker.
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Warriors Orange Peeler
I know a couple years ago we had the Warriors jersey burn off...... Im sure we are one more loss away to another mass burnoff

does anyone remember what game that was?
Directly after this game.

Christchurch blokes with the missus uploading the footage to Veitchy's Facebook page. She deleted it an hour or so later but it was out there by then...
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We are eating metres, in both the losses, building great pressure but just failing to convert. Terrible kicking game from Keighran and hes just not running right drawing and passing and well is Kata getting the ball and holding onto it?

Keighrans bombs arent even 2nd grade quality. We need Maumolo and Fusitua under ever kick 30m from the goal line and we need the ball through the hands, draw and pass for the overlap for Ken.


Swap Hiku back to the right

Give Chanel a go, I know hes a 7, but no better way to learn than next to Green and he was just as fast if not faster in pre season and he has a mean step like Johnson. He also has an accurate bomb.

If we cant score in 5 straight seats its time to reverse the changes and get Chanel Harris-Tavita on. Im not paying money for George Clooney to screw our club up by telling Johnson where to go if hes not going to fix it. This ISNT a club we are proud of you ding bat. This should have been our year, we cant have supposed Management opening their gobs before going through the process and asking a player to improve and if he does renew the contract. Hes in the wrong game.

No thanks
He was as thick as a plank. Apparently his seconds used to scream at him to do the opposite of what they wanted, because he would. Having said that he is still the very best boxer I have ever seen, no exceptions.

Unless his interviews were staged, you should watch some. No way does someone with IQ of 70 have such quick and well thought out responses.

Uneducated doesn't mean stupid.
What we see with Ali is someone with a very strong mind. It's the old saying, the brain is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets.

So even someone with a low IQ can develop a very strong mind.

He was also very sane, which isn't related to intelligence. And he had the gift of the gab, which also doesn't require high IQ across the full spectrum of intelligence, but does require mental fitness to sit and talk the way he used to.

But the one thing that stands out is his self belief. He's not arrogant at all, but he knows exactly what he wants to do, and what he wants to see happen. He got that way by training his brain to think correctly using repetitive affirmations during training. He'd do 1000 reps of an affirmation a day for 30 days, then move on to the next one. Again that is mental strength, not IQ.

Think "Suffer in the gym today and live the rest of my life as a champion" 10 times, with a sweet rhythm of course, and then see what you feel like doing.

If you do it long enough you'll start to feel your brain shedding your old attitudes that go against this new affirmation. So imagine doing that 30,000 times over a month to the point that when you're finished you always have that feeling, and none others, every time you wake up in the morning.

Another good one is "Focus on what I can control, and leave the rest to fate." Ali had the most pure focus of anyone I've ever seen. He wanted to be the champ, and he did exactly what he needed to do, day after day after day until he got there.

He took the brain he was born with, and developed it to it's full potential.

Anyone, with any IQ, can achieve way higher in their life using this method. Even the Warriors!!!

Even the Warriors.
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Stats fro 360 on the position of the Premieres after round 4 for the last few years. Cows must of had a clanger in 2015...

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I think that with a new halves combo, and our two first choice hookers both having injury worries, it's not surprising that we're not scoring points.

Shecks been on fire tho. So if our spine can get into some kind of stable rhythm we could still make the 8 this year.

The odds of going on an 11 game winning streak like the Cows did in 2015 is pretty slim tho me thinks.
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Is Kata getting the ball and holding onto it?

They few times he got the ball on attack last week they'd already run out of space and Kata had to run a cut-back line. Green and the revolving door of right back rowers just not creating anything - when was the last time we saw a cut-out or kick to Fusitua in space? It's like they're trying to be unpredictable by taking out their top 2 scoring plays from last year, but without anything to replace them.
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