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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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People may hate me for saying this but I hope we get thrashed by 60 points this week and next.
Not sure what it’s going to take for this club to make changes.
Let’s bring back Tainui to own this club!

Edit; maybe not quite right just so pissed off at the moment


People may hate me for saying this but I hope we get thrashed by 60 points this week and next.
I don't think anybody would hate you. In my honest opinion SK is in a state of denial about the state of the team. The players and management don't know what they can do about it either. It is a mess. The owners are not brain dead, they must be looking at their options. If there are no options and they are choosing the status quo that is probably even more scary.
I can understand that its professional sport, the coach lives and breathes by results, so the mentality of "lets throw a bunch of new guys in there to see if they sink or swim" is often not in their best interests even when a season is technically over. Its totally understandable when a coach decides to still field his best 17 available.... ....but this is not the best 17 available. Looking at on-field performances Bunty has done nothing to deseve to be dropped. Very odd.
Hate, love, joy, excitement......those emotions have all been Kearney'd out of me like an endless stream of 1 out hit ups and inoffensive vanilla hate going on here brother.
This so sums up how I feel, going along to the game but it wont matter what happens, just feel numb. A big score either way would be entertaining at least.
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No need to worry I've got this.

We are playing on Friday and like the Manly game I'm going out of town again to visit family. We won last time I missed a game we can do it again.

Hey I bet that is giving you more hope than reading the team list or listening to the coach explain his selections on Radio Sport.
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I won't be spending another dollar on this team until Kearney fucks off.
It's all been said.
cu** is as stubborn as fuck and he has moved won anything being that way. Guys fucked in the head.
Let me guess.....he will throw a last minute change to the team and think he has outsmarted everyone.
Guys a fucken light weight. Hanging onto his claim that he just doesn't have the depth and that's why the team is shit.
cu** doesn't give anyone more than 10 minutes to prove themselves anyway.
Fucken Muppet can go fuck himself.

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Whilst I have no bromance with A Blair,I’d like to know how this ladies front bottom seems to have all the fucking answers on Monday fucking morning quarterback! If the bloke listened and acted on half the 💩 he dribbles about I’d be the first bloke to throw me hotel key at him. It shits me the only thicker than his fucking hide is his fucking bank balance!! True fuckingly. My heads going to implode. Can we please just forfeit the next two games for the sake of my sanity!🌋🌋 PS,I’m unsure if this is the right forum to post this or not!
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