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NRL 2019 Round 19 - General Discussion


A thread for all 2019 Round 19 team lists, discussions, news and views. Serves as a team list thread and game day discussion for all games through the week (besides the Warriors one of course :) ).

Feel free to add team lists as they become available people. Thank you...
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Good team spirit at Canberra seemingly.
Winning has that effect :D
Love how CNK sniffs around the ruck for an offload of opportunity. Why doesn’t someone on our side do that ? doesn’t have to be Roger Tuivasa-Sheck - maybe the wingers rather than standing around waiting for the ball?????
Because our side has too many slackers just concentrating on the minimum they have to do. Chasing kicks needs almost manic reflexes for effectiveness. You cannot do that on minimum effort. Just because Fusitua has a massive talent at finishing tries he seems to be excused for everything else except the odd carry.


Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
personally think the bunnies are over rated. take out burges and his for some reason dodgy relationship with the refs and they got nothing much
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