Team List NRL 2019 Round 17 - Broncos vs Warriors TEAM LIST

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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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I'm very interested to see how it works when Bully gets spelled. I'm assuming KN moves to hooker so Chanel Harris-Tavita kicks the goals.
IF this works, these may be their starting positions next season.
Partly because I'm not 100% convinced of our kicking options

Seems most likely as KN’s darts out of dummy half should work when those hulking forwards start to tire..

Just hope we’re not 20 points down when it happens!
It’s a round where 4 of the teams in the 6 places above us will lose so a win is crucial this week to our top 8 hopes.

We’re at that time of year, like we always seem to be, where every game counts as we fight with a bunch of teams for the 8th spot.