General NRL 2019 Round 14 - General Discussion


It's luck for the Warriors and the NRL that league is still far more enjoyable to watch than Union.
However, I think the reffing inconsistency is slowly killing the game.
It ( reffing inconsistency ) is certainly affecting my enjoyment of the game....... ahh shit, I was going to come up with a post illustrating this across the season, but I just can't be arsed. What's the point?
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A couple of observations from the Raiders Eels.
- The Raiders looks puffy big. Are they all on the protein powders or what? A lot of them look slow and awkward.
- Is this the worst game Croker has ever played? I can’t recall him being involved in so many errors in one game
- Okay Wighton has made more
- CNK is O for Awesome. His effort an accuracy is first grade all the way.
- Parra just want this more and are playing smart footy
Shaun Johnson kicked none from 3 in a 2 point loss to the Bulldogs. Shaun Johnson was guilty of failing to control the match when it was in the balance. He came up with several key errors including kicking out on the full, being tackled on the last and losing the ball when it looked like he was going to be bundled over the sideline.

I heard comments that we would have won yesterday with Shaun Johnson... some people have short memories. Awesome for the Kiwis one week, singled out by his coach for the loss the next.