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Apr 18, 2012
Dunedin, NZ

A thread for all 2019 Round 14 team lists, discussions, news and views. Serves as a team list thread and game day discussion for all games through the week.
Feel free to add team lists as they become available people. Thank you.
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1st Grade Fringe
Nov 8, 2016
This Raiders team has really turned it around this year in the close games. How good is Bateman to watch.

Really enjoying how the "Unbeatable top 3" has now become a genuine top 6 with the Raiders, Sharks and Knights all coming into some form.

The 2019 NRL title is wide open at this stage.


Warriors 1st Grader
Sep 1, 2015
Does the Knights result (beaten 34-4 by Storm) put our performance last week into some perspective remembering that Knights were on 6 game winning streak.
Not really. Most people weren't complaining about the loss, but the way they dropped their lips and gave it all away. It has happened before this season as well.


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Apr 23, 2012
Just watching Parra ... unlike the Warriors,they spread the ball across the park and it pays off.


1st Grade Fringe
Jun 21, 2016
geeze watching all these teams playing like unbeatable top 4 material one week and shit the next.... the Warriors position aint so bad lol

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