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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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Be that as it may, if Kodi clicks, which we will find out tomorrow as he has had enough time with the team now including two weeks of practice since the last game, then our backline will be NRL standard, and dare I say it top 8 standard, just not top four standard.

Last year with Shaun Johnson we were potent in the red zone. Those who like to complain said yeah but we should score more tries from long range as well but that was the only complaint about our offence. Given we had the same strike out wide last year yet could score almost at will in the red zone, is dynamic play out wide the problem? Or can our issues be resolved by a fluent Nikorima/Green combination.

It wasn't my only complaint about the offence. My complaints now are the same as last year with Shaun Johnson just papering over the cracks.

When did we score at will in the red zone last year? Our attack was equal 10th and we were the only top 8 team not to crack 500 (We weren't even close).

Asking Nikorima to click with Green to do it all isn't the answer. It's not going to fix anything or change the fact that our outside backs can't create anything for themselves.

At best Nikorima will paper over the cracks like Shaun Johnson did and we still won't be good enough to challenge the top teams or win a premiership.
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