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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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Happy with the team. They should do ok, them Panthers bit of a cot case @ the mo.. with their off field issues and all. Chance for the guys to cement a regular spot in fg...
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The first time in Mooks tenure here that the majority of fans would say that he has got his team selection 100% correct bearing in mind who was available ,who he didn't rush back in and not changing a winning side.
Well done Mooks,if this is a result of that one beer the other day imagine what might happen if he had a go at a whole slab.
Finally .......nice one Steve.
Just checked out the Penrith team. Young an inexperienced players coming in for Mansour and RCG. Could work in our favour.

I see their staring Front Row is Tamou and Tim Grant which doesn't induce the shits in our front row I would wager.

Given our bench I wouldn't be surprised to see Blair onto the bench for Jizz if his foot doesn't come 100%, leaving Ligi Sao to play also. Same for Roache, I can see Bully starting with Lawton on bench and Roache getting a rest. Lastly, I worry that Tohu Harris may miss out, in which case Blair definitely plays and looks like Beale onto the bench.

My preferred starting 17 is as named but for Bully in for Roache.


System reboot, see you all in '23.
Good on ya Kearney, good to see you stick true.

Ligi offers a point of difference that Blair does not, love me the Ligi. Also Lawton is not a starter, you want Roache or Luke to wear the early onslaught then bring Lawton on round tired defenders.

Penny are going for like 5 or 6 losses in row, pretty unfortunate timing for us to get them just after our first win in awhile. But play like we did in the 2nd half, and we should get the choccies.
Over all I like the team. Bit concerned about the extended bench. Being that we have injury concerns with Harris, Jazz & Roache I feel like Blair is a waste of an option. Probably would have put a Pulu or even Ayshford on there instead. Let’s say Harris goes down, we now have to play him even though SK admitted he’s out of form.

Just on the Luke selection- Does anyone think Sam Cook will get a look in?
no he's not..& it seems he's got a bit of an attitude..not good when you're supposed to be in the leadership group

Really? He was great against Melbourne, good against Souths, fairly good for most of the season, would have won us the Cows game, probably the Melbourne games as well (if super coach used his experience to close). His usage by Kearney is bizarre, maybe he told him 3 hookers is fucking stupid and coming on with 5 to go is too :p

Roache's defense leaked the two tries last week and he can barely stay fit.

Also maybe his defense has something to do with Kearney not knowing how to use a bench properly so they get hammered in the middle: low and behold when injuries force him to sub like a normal human being they win.
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