General NRL 2019 Finals Week 2 - General Discussion

Didn't get to watch the Souths vs Manly game live due to a family issue. Ended up watching it pretty late half asleep.

Still enjoyed it though. Try for try. Started with it looking like a long night for Manly before they came back.

Was one of my favourite games I've watched this year. So much more enjoyable and entertaining than the rubbish we serve up every week.

The more games I watch of other teams the more I think that we need a captain who blows up at the ref every now and again when we get a bad call.
Best part of watching thiis ass raping is that it was expected and melbourne don't disappoint. Fucking class! All fucking class.
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Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
the refs have to have their say in the outcome of all games now. and they must have a new rule where they have to rule differently in every game
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