General NRL 2019 Finals Week 1 - General Discussion


I hear a heard of Elephants a coming
For all the talk of our poor metres from the forwards, we have dominated some packs this year. From memory the Broncos and Canberra. So our guys can do it, no doubt about that, it just seems to be the consistency of effort and intensity. I know that smells of elephant turd, I wonder if it can be fixed somehow/
I kept having flashbacks to our first ever finals appearance against Brian Smith's Eels.

Then I snapped out of it and spared a thought for Donkey supporters.

There is always someone worse off than you in life.

Billy Teets James

No way. Best time to kick them is when they are down. Geez it felt good though. What an enjoyable game.
Totally agree Brucey! I have a ton of Bronco supporter friends.
And they would mock me about our team not making the 8. Saying shit like, Your team would of got thrashed and kicked out the 8 1st week mate!....Well, Hello! Suck on that one you inbred mofos!! Lol