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How did the Storm flog us by 40pts last week?

We beat a team who have beaten them twice this season soundly last night.

We also beat the team who are flogging them soundly right now a few weeks back - when everything was going against us.

The NRL man.
I wouldn't read too much into it. The Storm had an absolute blinder against us and would've towelled up most teams. Everything came off for them that night and before we knew it, we were long gone.

This game so far is not the game of the season. Far from it. That title still sits with our round 7 clash against the Dragons. That is still the real game of the season.
I dont worry Im one of the few who predicted the win from the Storm and also read nothing into it as the first half was a lot of flukey trickery but we were even stevens second half.

What I do read into this is St George are not slipping like they did last year. Bookies have Storm clear favs, will that slip. Roosters second, dragons 3rd and us 4th. I expect all Odds to change with Sportsbet after this weekend.

Well played Dragons.
Maybe not if they take Green and Shaun Johnson and Luke are out.
Yeah thats a worry, I dont think its likely but its possible, who knows with recent years and Greens superb form. If it was just Shaun Johnson out we ok, but both Shaun Johnson and green. eeeek. Our other 18 yr old half is showing a LOT of talent, but 18 is pretty young to get called up.

Lets not worry about it until SoO or I will be worrying the whole time haha.
Is our Bye on a non SoO weekend or is it on a weekend they play?

Well we just have to worry about the Roosters snapping into expected action next week. Id say at the moment we have got them, Im just fairing them waking up.

Parra then Souths we should win. 10/12, whoop.
Let the deagons now carry premiership expectations. We’ll see if they can maintain this into the business end of the season or if this is thier best footy. There is definitely such a thing as peaking too early. Imagine them losing 2-3 straight in a few weeks when other teams are peaking.
Greene won't make it. Too many stars ahead of him. As for Luke/Shaun Johnson, We've got LINO!
Moses, Keary and Bird are hardly putting their hands up for selection.

Pearce and Cleary are injured. Although there is talk coming out of Penrith that Cleary might be ready to go as early as round 11.

Green is the 2nd best acting halve that NSW have, behind Maloney.

I'm a bit conflicted. I would like to see Green get an opportunity to play SOO as it's the top representative accolade he'll likely receive. His current form warrants selection. It wouldn't surprise me if it's on his wish list of things, next to winning a premiership with the Warriors ;)
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