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Ever Hopeful

His major issue seems to be that he can’t play big minutes from what I’ve heard

That is what has been the surprise for me. This is the guy that passed out in pre-season training for the Warriors (raising a few eyebrows) and could barely last 5 mins on the field.

This year his motor has been fine and he has played decent minutes. Especially for his nuggety size.

33 minutes and counting here.
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isnt amazing how leaving the Storm is a career Killa. Blair nearly looked gone when he left, Proctor Roh Oh. If it were me id sacrifice say $100k a year more to stay with a real GF contender. Keep your career going strong as long as possible and then when you age, Milk it for what its worth in SL lol.
Ata's always looked good behind a dominant pack. I still think we should throw a contract Soliola's way, big motor, a wealth of experience and hits like Wiki.
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