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Im enjoying this Cowboys, keep it going, we need that Penrith for and against zapped and for them to get a loss. They looking very flat Penrith so far. Some offloading on nth qld try line but no changing of angles or trickery.
Penrith played eels, rabbits, bulldogs, cows, parra, titans, sharks(loss), bulldogs.

I like the way they are playing given their deep injury toll, but they havn't played much at the top end.
Penrith played eels, rabbits, bulldogs, cows, parra, titans, sharks(loss), bulldogs.

I like the way they are playing given their deep injury toll, but they havn't played much at the top end.
Yes its the same thing thats pssn me off with the Knights. And maybe even Tigers. There has to be a way to make this draw system fairer. Play 1 game per team and alternate home/away each year. make more room for SoO and Internationals, although Im soooo over SoO.

Cowboys have got this one by the looks.
Uggggh rubbish markers not straight call right before half time give the panthers a sniff in the second half.

I applaud them for sin bins for obvious pro fouls, but the markers not str8 and 10 metre offside is getting annoying now as its so inconsistent depending on which ref you have out of the 2.


This year yet?
My god enis is a fucking drip, says the same shit slogans and states the obvious.. every player is a "superstar" and games a "blockbuster".. everything relates back to origin (since round 1).. vonny is the same, fox have taken a massive step back this year. Bunch of gossip queens

Think Yvonne does it well in terms of moderating the hosts rather than regurgitating what someone else has told her and passing it off as her own like some other hosts do. She actually one of the only Female hosts/commentators in the NRL that don’t come across as a diversity/token appointment.
Of the top 10 teams all have played at least 4 games against teams in the top 8.
Exceptions are the Broncos and Sharks who have played 6 and 5 games respectively against top 8 sides and the Panthers who have only played 1 game against a top 8'side.
Eight games this season for the Panthers have been against bottom 8 teams including Eels,Cowboys and Sharks whom the Panthers have all played twice.In a lot of their wins they have had to come from well behind and have just scraped home but based on who they have played so far I do not believe the Panthers are are good as their position on the table suggests.......won't be long before us and others go past them again.....hopefully!!!!
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[QUOTE="Hadyn, post: 718627, member: 850"
Eight games this season for the Panthers have been against bottom 8 teams[/QUOTE]
Dont get me started. The Warriors only have 1 non top 8 they play once, so its top 8 contenders the whole season plus the 1 game against bottom 8, then 7 games top 8 contenders and 1 game we play a non contender twice.

I look a New Castle and how they were 5th with -60FA, then looked at their draw, and even with lesser teams they are scraping through half of their wins.

Penrith have had it easy thus far and aside from ourselves and the storm twice, they got half their games pretty darn easy for rest of the season.

BUT, if our boys can end up 10/12 playing mostly top 8 teams, we need 3 to make the 8 from 12, imagine if we matched first half season and ended up 20/24 against mostly top 8 teams. Without being Bias because im very much a realist with the warriors, we would have to be the form team going into the finals regardless of the storm, who we matched it with in the second half. Lets see how we go against them at home.

Like I said earlier, there has to be a better way to make the draw than this lop sided rubbish. Especially if you were to believe Matthew and Andrew Johns preseason banging on about how crap we would go and how the knights would be the most improved team, and still sportsbet is at $12 where dragons are $6 and ROOSTERS $5.50, Storm $4.50. Clearly nobody has faith in us where it comes to money, but still we are 4th and that can change on a whim with Warriors wins, 2 wins in a row and we will leapfrog the dragons on sportsbet i reckon.

At this stage, imo, unless the roosters get it together fast, its really only Storm, Dragons and Warriors looking likely. Storm look the likely winner, we just need a win over them to get some mental respect back.
Can you get sent for striking a player's imaginary friend?
Or was that the player he was trying to strikes fault for seeing a punch and dodging it. So now it hit his imaginary friend lol. It did look so cool, who is that keyed up for self defense to be able to dodge a punch like that. Made Dallin look really a fool(even though it was a nice straight right) and the send off just capped it off. Like fail for being a violent person and fail for looking like a 10yr old who just got caught bullying someone and got sent to the principals office for it, shame on your undies clown.

Blocker going off at the guy pulling Dillan off for taking a guys legs out, we need better commentary than this fool. He had every right to defend his team mate and pull Dillan out for being a grub.

Neither were close games but I enjoyed both regardless and both went the way I had hoped. We need the panthers to stop winning this easy draw, once Cleary is back they will not be losing many, so need a little lead over them. Hopefully will lap Dragons and expect only storm to be in front of us possibly end of season if we keep playing like the majority of our play this year. Need to beat Tigers too as they are scraping through a fair few. Otherwise positions 2-6 is going to end up very jam packed this year and we want to be clear of that for and against mess.
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