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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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Only issue i see with having CNK as cover for the backs is that it means we don’t really have injury cover for the forwards.
I think we need to acknowledge Tevaga isn’t a bench utility in the conventional way. He’s seen as a genuine backrower, who can play a bit of hooker if he has too.
I think if a forward goes does gelling will slot into forward pack as he can play both positions. Then cnk or Fusitua to centre
Probably did Saturday in for recovery sessions and mental prep.

Sunday first session - recovery, followed by gym then a bbq lunch with beers and watchinf video then home for early rest before fly out Monday.

Tuesday - skills and Captain's run followed by recovery.

Tomorrow - gameday prep as per normal.

They would have Sunday off,
I guess flew out Monday, once landed, have a short run.
Tuesday captain's run and tactics.
Wednesday night - singing the victory song.
I would love to know how Corvo manages the short turn around ?

The fatigue factor is mental.

They are super fit and can recover rapidly because of that fitness.

Some trainers dont back off the accelerator at all, they use these challenges to make athletes even harder.

I imagine we will come out fast and surprise ourselves by staying at pace.

The dreaded burn out may not come at all.

It was so impressive to see how they endured 80 minutes playing the dragons. I felt for sure they were going to start falling apart at some point during that second half as the dragons threw everything at them. With no injuries i think the dragons went through their whole bench and the kitchen sink. That unwavering determination from the warriors was awe inspiring, and i bet the dragons premiereship hopes copped a major blow that day as theyll be hoping not to play the warriors again and wondering what do we have to do to beat them?? If their coach is good enough to figure that out (he was at a loss at the press conference)well, we'll see
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