Team List NRL 2018 Round 8 - Warriors vs Storm TEAM LIST

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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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NRL 2018 Round 8 - Warriors vs Storm TEAM LIST

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NZWF Official thread for the 2018 Round 8 Warriors team list and discussion...

The official team list will be posted as soon as it becomes available...​
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I need Fusitu'a to score.

I need him to score a lot of tries this year! Spectacular tries.

I'm making a montage of him at the end of the season and it's always good when there are a lot of tries, especially against quality opposition.

I need him to score a lot of entire body in the air over the sideline reaching back in ones.

A few aerial fly like an eagle ones.

A lot of sleight of hand from Shaun Johnson cut out passes that leave him open and crossing untouched ones

And even though he doesn't have Addo hyphen Carr speed, a length of the field intercept from their own line.

And a sweeping inside pass from Shaun Johnson to smash his way through a top team's middles to score under the posts beast mode getting up with a badass look and the hyped team mates.


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AAMI Park, Melbourne
7pm, Wednesday, April 25, 2018

1 Roger Tuivasa-Sheck (c)
2 David Fusitua
3 Peta Hiku
4 Anthony Gelling
5 Ken Maumalo
6 Blake Green
7 Mason Lino
8 Bunty Afoa
9 Issac Luke
10 Agnatius Paasi
11 Simon Mannering
12 Isaiah Papalii
13 Adam Blair

14 Jazz Tevaga
15 Sam Lisone
16 Albert Vete
17 Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad
18 Ligi Sao
20 Joseph Vuna
21 Chris Satae
22 Sam Cook
yep pretty happy with that lineup, would have Ligi in for Charnze
Some very good news with that line up.

Congratulations young Joseph Vuna welcome to the NRL extended squad man....great work getting this far.

Good to see Papalii return to the run on side, pretty much right where he deserves to be...a Starter not a bench player.

Exciting to see Mason get two in a row, go for it bro, the entire NRL knows your name, now make them remember it.

Same message for Anthony Gelling. You want that Jersey you can take it mate, you are good enough.

Thrilled to see Ligi in the extended squad...hope he makes up whatever ground he lost and makes the bench this week or next.

Lastly CNK good on you for battling away so long man.
ligi or vuna in for CNK and the bench has a far more balanced look to it. what if we stick to the standard of late and lose a backrower to injury? we are quite light on.

man we have some talent on the sidelines..
Tohu Harris

in previous years id be stressing, but strangely i feel quite comfortable with our depth, who would have thought haha

you would have to think that with a 10 day turn around after this game wed have at least kata, johnson, gavet, Tohu Harris available for the tigers game. exciting times!
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